This entire song is one big piece of heartbreak, and while it was originally recorded much more upbeat in 2011, the new slowed down version becomes much more personal after Ariana’s recent split with boyfriend Jai Brooks. Unlike Mac Miller’s verse in “The Way”, Big Sean shows some seriously swoon worthy insecurities in this track he’s like: “Would you catch me before the pavement if my Benz turned to public transportation” but obviously he doesn’t know what a ride or die Ariana is. This collab is even sweeter when you know how much Ariana idolizes Sean, she’s known to throw down a verse of Guap every so often. This is one of the most dance-y songs on the album, but the overall story is pretty depressing. Ariana pays homage to a pop princess inspiration with very Oops I Did It Again “yeah yeah yeahs” but this song is so much more than that.
So what is it that “WOMEN” have, as a conceivable worth, outside of their sexual availability?

All I have to do is exactly what I did here: challenge them to defend it, and ridicule them when they completely and utterly fail to.
While she started her career in musical theater and later through tween Nickelodeon shows like Victorious and Sam & Cat, she’s breaking through into music with full force.
It’s basically a post-breakup anthem, where Ariana misses her past love interest after saying some things she now regrets.
The hook is so heart melting “All I’m tryna say is you’re my everything baby but every time I try to say it words, they only complicate it” explaining how butterflies get in the way of actual verbal expression. She has no time for games, she’s out here sounding seriously Mimi, so “Don’t get mad at her cause you’ve been replaced, know your place” Ariana doesn’t care about breaking hearts, ain’t nobody got time for relationship saboteurs. Sugary sweet proclamations of love like, “I wanna say we’re going steady, like it’s 1954” prove all she wants is a cute simple relationship where her dude loves her eternally and internally.

And you’ll notice that in all those same shows, the woman is a loudmouthed sarcastic bitch that puts the man down in every scene she has with him.
She’s not going to mope in heartbreak though, she’s going to go out and kiss that dude without talking about the past – because somethings are better left unsaid. This whole SOCIETY has been hellbent on demeaning and belittling men ever since women got the right to vote.

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