Kalyani believes in the power of the youth to bring about societal transformation and the first step lies in providing them with the opportunity and a platform to help engage closely with society. As a part of their charter 'Kalyani Youth Leadership Forum' has shortlisted few projects (as Phase 1 of their engagement programme) which could make a positive impact in the daily lives of the local community living within the vicinity of the Globsyn Campus. Kalyani rewarded 12 GBS students with 'Leadership' awards for their outstanding efforts and 31 were presented 'Participation' Certificates for their contribution towards 'Care for Society' activities in the past year. Kalyani rewarded 14 GBS students with 'Leadership' awards for their outstanding efforts, 18 were presented 'Participation' Certificates' and 12 were presented with 'Appreciation Certificates' for their contribution towards 'Care for Society' activities in the past year. People First works collaboratively with other organizations as issues arise on a local or state level that negatively impact people with disabilities.
Here is a video of Mike Schaff, a Senator member from Helena, MT, speaking about what People First of Montana is, what they do, and what it means for people with disabilities to have a job.

Farias, who applied to the NYLF program after receiving an e-mail invitation, said he is excited to meet new people and learn new things applicable to his leadership position at MMA. Formed by the students of Globsyn Business School, KYLF helps students imbibe the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of their lives. The program prepares high school students for careers in defense, intelligence, and the diplomatic corps.
Babak recently completed the final requirement to receive the gold medal from the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Youth Award, and Nelson earned the silver award with work toward the gold. KYLF provides an opportunity to students to contribute towards the betterment of society as well as develop themselves as better managers and a better human being. Optimised for Internet Explorer 9.0+, Google Chrome 23+, Firefox 16+ in 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

The two students were nominated by Academy administrators based on their overall performance as students and leaders.
The program is designed under advisement from agencies and national security officials and participants can also earn college credit through George Mason University.
Farias is a three-year cadet who was a member of the MMA Raiders club, the Military Policemen and the National Junior Honor Society during his junior year.

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