Canton Police Lieutenant Patty Sherrill spent part of her summer teaching life choices, ethics, and the importance of making good decisions to youths from all over the United States and beyond at the National Youth Leadership Program held at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
This is the 14th year that the FBI National Academy Associates has sponsored a leadership academy. The program is available to incoming sophomores or juniors (14-16 years old) with a direct relationship to a National Academy graduate. For nine days, the students lived in a Quantico dormitory and participated in classes and physical activities while also networking with their peers and counselors. While some students were interested in pursuing a career in police work or criminal justice, others were interested in the legal and engineering professions.
This group of eight students from around the country were mentored at the youth leadership program by Lt. Toastmasters International has put together a brilliant compilation of Public Speaking and Leadership knowledge, and packaged it for Teens.  I have been teaching the material to Middle School students at the Delphian School since January 2012.
I want to pass on just a few Pros & Cons of teaching this program to Middle School aged students.
PRO: Although this program has been in place for a number of years, Toastmaster’s updates and modifications have truly made it a gold mine for teachers, parents and students alike. CON:  The Youth Leadership Program can only be delivered by a trained Toastmaster and supported by a local Club.
PRO: With Toastmasters Clubs peppered all around, you can contact your local Toastmaster group and ask them to deliver this program to your school or group of children. As of 2011, there are over 13,500 clubs in 116 Countries with over 8,200 in the USA alone.  2012 statistics are not on the web yet. Though they are still required to write and deliver set speeches, I reduce speech time to 3-4 minutes.

Whether you Home School or send your kids to traditional schools, this program can help teach your kids the art of public speaking and give them basic leadership skills.
YouthMUSE was created as an outlet for truly exceptional books, games and real life examples to guide and inspire children to discover their own super powers. Return to top of pageCopyright © 2016 · Don't violate my Copyright, my kid knows Kung-Fu!
Patty Sherrill was a guest teacher and counselor at the National Youth Leadership Program at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA.
Sherrill was the only New England police officer and one of only two law enforcement officials in the country selected for this summer program.
The program encompasses participation in academics, social interaction, and physical environment. Sherrill met with a group of eight students who had been assigned to her and discussed professions as well as the books that they had been assigned to read.
Sherrill was asked to prepare a lesson plan for a two-hour class on decision making and ethics.
Sherrill said she was surprised to hear that police officers and teachers did not rate highly.
Sherrill (far right) and Chief Inspector Gayward Hendry (far left) of the Clay County Sheriff’s Department in Green Cove Springs, FL. SYLP 1 is being coordinated and supervised by members of the PCYC State Youth Team and PCYC Bornhoffen’s Leadership Development staff. The program’s unique eight-session, workshop-style design enables participants to develop this potential through practical experience. The annual dues are very reasonable and opportunities abound to learn and grow as a speaker, no matter your age.

A total of 60 students, including international students, participated in this year’s program.
It was her second time applying for the program, which examined her police record, her letters of recommendation, and past speaking engagements.
She focused on recent news stories, including Barry Bonds and Michael Phelps in sports, Catholic priests and the sexual abuse scandal, and hazing in schools.
Sherrill thought the group as a whole enjoyed and respected her opinions on law enforcement.
The cost of the program, including travel cost, is covered by PCYC Queensland State Office on a scholarship basis. Other topics included the Enron and Bernie Madoff scandals, the military, plagiarizing on tests, and most recently, the controversy surrounding former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. It is a privilege not only to represent the Canton Police Department, but the entire New England area of law enforcement as well.
As she was telling me about their weekly meetings I said this is exactly what my students need for high school and college. Though students who are interested in a future career in law enforcement are urged to apply, the program is open to students who want to expand their knowledge of the American criminal justice system.
On the weekend, students toured various historical sites, including the FBI’s Quantico facility.

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