The Youth Leadership Program is a five-level program, designed to teach life-long leadership skills.
Campers will build a foundation of their leadership as they are led through facilitated workshops and introductory canoe skills.
Campers further explore their leadership as they advance their paddling and camping skills during a 4-day canoe trip.
As “Leader-of-the-Day”, campers have the opportunity to practice leading their peers while on their backcountry trip. To coincide with the final years of high-school, the Ascent level uses backcountry canoe trips to challenge the leadership, teamwork and communication of campers. A strong emphasis on the transference of learning from camp and backcountry travel to home-life is focused on during structured workshops and debriefs. Every Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camp experience is designed to support participants in becoming responsible, caring and motivated individuals. Learn how Tim Hortons is Making a True Difference for individuals, communities and the planet.
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This program is the youth version of the esteemed Leadership Citrus Program and is designed for students entering their junior year of high school for the 2016-2017 school year.

You may print and complete the online application or you may get a printed application from Citrus County's Chambers of Commerce. Advancing Leadership Youth brings together teens from all over the city for a comprehensive leadership development experience. To nurture and develop positive leadership attributes in Federal Way area high school students, to drive change in their communities.
The program is comprised of high school sophomores and juniors of diverse cultures and economic backgrounds. Each spring, information sessions are held at the major high schools and applications are made available to all eligible Federal Way students (current freshman and sophomores). Each level has a unique focus on Team-Building, Goal-Setting, Self-Expression and Community Volunteer experiences. The theme of Voyageurs is woven through story-telling of the fur trade and a 3-day trip in voyageur canoes.
Time at camp is spent participating in cabin-based activities and volunteering within the local community. Campers are given more ownership over their individual experience as they have their choice of varied length canoe trips or a hiking trip. The final backcountry trip culminates in a choice of flat or moving water canoeing for the Summit campers.
We would like potential participants to consider applying for the Youth Leadership Program if they are truly committed to developing as individuals and members of their communities. Participants identify and build personal strengths, work with leaders from business, government, nonprofits and grass roots organizations and learn how to be an effective leader in any situation.

Participants are selected from applications submitted by high school students throughout Federal Way, including public, private and homeschooled students. Once participants are chosen, they are presented at the graduation of the existing class, then begin their own ALY class with a two-day retreat in August. Each level will also challenge participants with a special Wilderness Connection backcountry camping trip. Participants are actively involved in planning their time at camp while in the Program and play an important role in workshops and discussions.
Time at camp is balanced between level and cabin-based activities as campers continue their volunteerism and exploration of the local area at the Bannock Point Petriforms. Taking advantage of being close to Winnipeg, campers receive tours of local universities and colleges to encourage their pursuit of post-secondary education. At camp, they are challenged with a Static High-Adventure Course and participate in a Sweat Lodge. Participants will be expected to set goals for themselves, both at camp and when they return home.

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