The YLC's mission is to encourage youth to discover their personal strengths and values in order to become leaders in their personal lives as well as promote change within their community's.
To develop leadership and communication skills, reduce achievement gap, increase graduation rates and provide a broad perspective of the community.
Present in-depth programs that acquaint participants with community needs, opportunities, problems, resources, and infrastructure.
Encourage students to become more involved and remain or return to Anderson County following their education.
Familiarize the students with leadership roles available to them and to assist in assuming leadership roles.
24 high school sophomores, juniors and seniors attending Clinton and Anderson County High Schools as well as private schools and home school students. A selection committee, affiliated with Youth Leadership Anderson County Board of Directors, and the Anderson Chamber of Commerce, will review applications and select participants.

Business and organization sponsors: Individual and Corporate Sponsors will provide the needed funds for each scheduled activity during the year. Applicants must be in academic standing and have no attendance or disciplinary problems in school. Students with good character who exhibit a potential for leadership and interest in the growth and improvement of our community are encouraged to apply. School counselors, teachers, principals and parents must approve all applications prior to submittal to the selection committee.
Applications must be submitted to Chamber of Commerce “Youth Leadership Anderson County” Coordinator.
The Youth Leadership Anderson County Project is controlled by a board of directors consisting of one representative from the Leadership Anderson County Board. Board membership consists of 11 former Leadership alumni and two alumni from the Youth Leadership Anderson County each year.

This is accomplished through service learning projects, self esteem building based modules, peer bonding activities and educational planning. The program will require students to attend sessions outside the classroom *one day per month during the school year. Scholarships granted by written request and signed by the parent to the Anderson County Chamber.
Each member will serve on a rotation as Board member at large, Board Chair Elect, Board Chair and Past Board Chair. Meetings will be open to sponsors, parents of participants and past and present Leadership participants in Adult and Future Leadership alumni.

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