By Nada Enwegei Nada was a participant from Libya and shares her experience of incorporating community service through education in her community. By Reem Ismail Reem participated on the Youth Leadership Program with Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia and describes the last night of the US-based program.
By Mohamed Seddik Mohamed is a participant from Libya and shares his experience of interacting with American undergraduate students while in San Diego.
By Nadine Bubteina Nadine, a participant from Libya, provides insight into how a local organization in San Diego provided clarity for project planning.
By Mariem Ben Ayed Mariem is a participant from Tunisia and reflects on the long but interesting program days. By Rihab Jarray Rihab, a Tunisian participant on the program, discusses organizational site visits in San Diego and their impact on the local community. By Hayfa Achour Hayfa, a participant from Tunisia on the program, discusses how the her and her host family have spent some of their time together. Youth Leadership Programs give students and adult leaders from around the world an opportunity to develop leadership and problem-solving skills that enable them to act as leaders in their communities.
The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, in partnership with the National Park Service and the Presidio trust, hosts a number of youth leadership programs. Select from 19 different summer programs for high school students across a wide variety of disciplines and careers.
NSLC Enrollment Coordinators are available to speak with you 9am - 5pm (Central Time), Monday through Friday. We are pleased to invite you to nominate outstanding students for participation in our summer programs. We invite outstanding students from around the world to participate in our fast-paced, interactive summer programs. Explore career options, experience life on a college campus, and reach your leadership potential. Since 1989, the National Student Leadership Conference has invited a select group of outstanding high school students to participate in its fast-paced, high-level, interactive summer sessions.
Cancellation Fees and Refund Policy: All cancellations must be submitted in writing (email is acceptable). Instead of cancelling, you may elect to apply your total payments toward a program next year. For enhanced viewing of this website use FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer 10 or higher.
Page Content?????Youth leadership and action at school and beyond!Metro Vancouver’s Youth-4-Action program supports the development of engaged high school students, as youth leaders, to influence their schools and school communities to be more sustainable -through learning, leadership, collaboration and action.

Youth Leadership Knoxville was launched in the summer of 2014 with the intent of giving high school students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of Knoxville and develop leadership skills that will encourage and inspire them to become involved and committed to their community. Students will have the opportunity to interact with many of Knoxville’s leaders in government and business with the goal of developing their own personal leadership skills to benefit both their school and their community.  Applications are accepted beginning in December with classes being formed in the spring. Youth Leadership Knoxville consists of the following: a five day summer camp in July which requires attendance of at least four of the five sessions. Mission:  to inspire and encourage high school students to have a positive impact on the Knoxville area.
Youth Leadership is a program of Leadership Knoxville and began its first class in the summer of 2014.
This is a great list of youth leadership books for personal reading or to use within a group setting. Bridges to Accessibility: A Primer for Including Persons with Disabilities in Adventure Curricula by Mark D. Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens: Attitudes and Actions for Respect and Success by Mariam G. Cradle of Greatness: What Our Eight Greatest Presidents had in Common in Youth by Donald G.
Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People Demand It by James Kouzes and Barry Posner (Jossey-Bass, Inc. Designing Student Leadership Programs: Transforming the Leadership Potential of Youth by Mariam G. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for College Students by Marcy Levy Shankman and Scott J. Students Taking the Lead: The Challenges and Rewards of Empowering Youth in Schools by Judith A. Teambuilding with Teens: Activities for Leadership, Decision-Making, and Group Success by Mariam G.
Youth Leadership: A Guide to Understanding Leadership Development in Adolescents by Josephine A. Students in IIE MENA Youth Leadership Programs participate in field visits to local NGOs and corporations. IIE MENA alumni serve as youth facilitators to design and deliver IIE youth leadership programs. Students in IIE Youth Leadership Programs participate in service learning projects in their schools, universities and local communities.
Since the establishment of the IIE MENA Region Office and Center for Leadership Excellence in Cairo in 2005, IIE's youth leadership programs in the region have engaged over 600 youth in universities and in middle and secondary schools from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, West Bank, and Yemen.

Students are competitively selected for each program using a framework for selection and evaluation. Our main sponsors are the Ford Foundation (Discovery Program), Stuart Foundation (Discovery Program), and U.S. A FREE program for immigrant and refugee youth, ages 13 to 18, to build English vocabulary, improve public speaking and learn how to organize a speech! The Regina Open Door Society (RODS) is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants in Regina. Click on the links below for more information, or learn about our youth and family volunteer opportunities.
It covers course materials, housing, on-campus meals, social events and transportation in air-conditioned motor coaches throughout the program. Youth-4-Action recognizes the unique ability of high school students to influence sustainability and to make lasting changes in their school communities and celebrates the contributions of champion teachers, administrators and community partners who provide support and advice. Please make sure you have provided your Educator and Community references with ample time to complete their portion of your application.
The aim is to identify youth who possess a passionate sense of purpose that contributes to the development of their society, and who can demonstrate qualities that evidence leadership potential. State Department (YELLA) who have provided generous grants to enable the design and launch of these youth programs. RODS is committed to meeting the needs of newcomers by offering programs and services that enable them to achieve their goals and participate fully in the larger community. Each student is responsible for the cost of travel to and from the program as well as individual spending money.
In addition, monthly sessions of approximately two to three hours are held September through April, with a Closing Celebration in April.
IIE works with a network of educational institutions and community organizations in the region to assist the process.
IIE works with numerous implementing partners including Creative Encounters, Keys to Effective Learning, and I*EARN.

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