Like Esther, I had a religious background that made Abraham appear weird, and even a little scary. So when I found out about an upcoming Abraham-Hicks event in my area, I registered without a second thought. During your drive, all the traffic lights are red, and you wonder if everyone around you has conspired to cut in front of you.
First you notice how the sun is filtering through the blinds, and how it seems to be a perfect-weather day. You head to the kitchen and make yourself a quick but healthy breakfast, and focus on how the creaminess of banana slices perfectly complements the crunchiness of your cereal. You’re too busy listening to your favorite CD to notice any red lights or aggressive drivers. In one poetic albeit concrete sentence: Your feelings act like a dam that guides the flow of the river of your destiny.
As Eckhart Tolle says, “Awareness is the greatest agent for change.” This “change” is shifting to an extraordinary life. Become aware of the goodness around you, and who knows what beautiful surprise might come into your life. I learned Neville Goddard’s philosophy of manifestation and studied the works of many other spiritual masters. What first comes out of your mouth is a four-letter word, and your first emotion is anger followed by fear of the consequences of being late for work. You waste precious minutes changing, and the moment you finally walk out of your home, you sneeze. Remove your focus from the unpleasant circumstance, and instead place your attention on whether you can learn something from your situation. I wrote about this in my book, “Magnificent…Married or Not,” which was inspired in part by the teachings of Wayne Dyer in “Wishes Fulfilled.” The last moments before you go to sleep are ideal to load positive programs into your subconscious mind. This is your chance to reclaim control of your emotions, and as a consequence, of the quality of your life. Something must be going right, even if it’s the fact that you were guided to read this article about manifestation.

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