YouTube is the latest in Google’s suite of apps to be blessed with a Material Design makeover. The app is slowly rolling out through Google Play, as is the case with most Google apps these days, so if you don’t see it in your My Apps section with an update available, feel free to sideload it using the link below. I dont subscribe to Septic Systems Today, but I would before I would subscribe to anything on the garbage can called Youtube.
Why doesn’t the slide out menu pass behind the notification bar, like in the new Play Store? Yes, tinted status bars are supported starting from KitKat, but it only shows up if the developer chooses to make it tinted in the app activity.
Transparent system bars were introduced in Kitkat, Colored system bars were introduced in Lollipop. Can someone please give a link to a YouTube video that has 1440p so I can try on my phone please and thank you.
I don’t know what you have to do, but it is imperative that you make the titlebar pink in youtube. I don’t have device with 1440p resolution, but maybe try to hide bottom bar (there are such apps in google play) and then check if there is option to watch in 1440p. You can get it to work (with an older version of youtube) by fooling Google into thinking you’re running Lillipop. 1440p YouTube was actually on the G3 months ago, but they took it away a few updates ago and its still not back. It must be because it seems like the Nexus is the only device this update enabled 1440p for. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life.

YouTube may do some questionable things every now and then, like changing their video settings user interface every 6th months, but for the most part Google likes to keep YouTube as a pretty high priority in their app lineup. On the YouTube app, users will be able, through “add to device” functionality available on videos and playlists, to designate certain content that they can watch for a short period of time when an internet connection is unavailable. From the watch page through the “add to device” functionality feature, viewers will be able to designate certain content that they can watch for a short period of time when they do not have connectivity.
How about youtube fix the buffering problem for the latest android versions forced on us before stupid crap like this?
I would rather they work on a way to allow videos to play in the background, so that I could listen to music on youtube while doing other things on my phone. Can DL a show or whatever at home on WiFi and then watch it on the way to work or whatever???? Now make it so you can listen to videos while the screen is off, I know there are modded versions that do this but it would be nice to have it officially supported!
Our 2 year old daughter will love the chance to watch episodes of Peppa Pig offline during flights and long car journeys, This also just saved us time working on a video tutorial on how to achieve the same thing.
The app was updated this afternoon with a fresh coat of intensely red paint, improved navigation panel, and updated colors throughout.
For instance, Google Now Launcher has it, but the classic launcher doesn’t, even in KitKat. It looks really nice, and I like that you can choose the colors for the conversation (but I like using Hangouts for chatting and video calls, and SMS, hence my wish that it’s updated soon). Will you please figure out where you want the Settings menus to go in your Material Design updates?
In some apps, it pops up over the 3 circles of the settings menu (youtube), and in others, it pops up below (docs).

Anything not over the icon is not using appcompat (the library Google released to backport material design). With this, if a user experiences a loss of connectivity, they will still be able to watch the videos that they’ve added to their device for a limited period of up to 48 hours. At the time when the user no longer has connectivity, they will be able to watch the videos and playlists they have added to their device by accessing the videos through an “on device” section of their guide.
1080 video is under 10 minutes for 1 GB and 720 is around 20 minutes for 1 gb of storage on a device. I like the way it is in docs with the poppup up below the settings button (and it’s been this way in android forever).
If the device is offline for more than 48 hours the content cannot be viewed offline until the device reconnects. The annoying thing about Google adding a feature like this is that if it’s anything like Google Music caching, all the files will be in some mysterious, hidden directory. I’m tired of it defaulting to 720p when my poor tablet can only muster 480p without choking. No official date for when we could expect this update, but we’re told to check back around November to see how this will all work out. Once connected, the offline window refreshes and the viewer is able to watch the content again.

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