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Today I’m finally going to write about a project I designed in November – the YouTubers Before YouTube 2015 Calendar!
When designing this calendar, one of the trickiest parts was figuring out how to make everyone’s photos of varying qualities and color schemes look cohesive. Then I designed a Polaroid-inspired graphic to put in the bottom right of each picture showing a current photo of the YouTuber as well as their channel name. We ended up getting more than 12 YouTubers to send in baby photos, so I ended up splitting several pages in half, which ended up working out great since some of the photos worked much better as a vertical photo than they would have if they had to fill the space of a horizontal page. The back cover is pretty standard, though we ended up shuffling it around several times as we decided who would go on each month. Moving on to the actual calendar pages, they ended up being fairly similar to last year except that I made the boxes white rather than colored in order to open up the page a bit more.
We included most of the same holidays as previous years, but I switched out some of the illustrations to make them bolder or less detailed or just generally better than last year.
In terms of the actual construction of the calendar, it’s wire-bound on glossy paper.
Thank you so much to Laura Chernikoff for organizing the calendar and to all the YouTubers who sent in photos.

So I decided to make all of the baby pictures black and white and fill the entire page (or half-page, if there were two people featured).
We debated making the calendar a guessing game and just putting the answers of who was who at the back of the calendar, but I thought that once the novelty wore off, it would be a little weird to have a calendar on your wall with a photo of some random kid without any context of who they were. I also did one page with six people for the SourceFed crew since so many of them sent in photos.
I also introduced a new script font which I also used for the Project for Awesome logo on the site, in order to bring a little more visual interest than nonstop Gotham.
And of course, I switched out the TFioS movie release date with the Paper Towns movie release, a date I am crazy excited for. I was not consulted when it came to deciding how to print it, and it came out a little flimsier than I would have liked. If you have the calendar, let me know whose photo is your favorite (I think mine has to be Tyler Oakley’s). And thank you to everyone who bought it during the Project for Awesome and contributed to the over one million dollars we ended up raising! But in the image above, is tiny Grace Helbig’s headshot not the most precious thing ever? The font is free, so it wasn’t kerned perfectly and I had to adjust some of the kerning in Illustrator, but it looks great now.

I think at the very least, we could have printed the cover and back cover onto a heavier weight of paper. Or let me know if you have any ideas for future themes we could do for the annual YouTubers calendar. But this year we wanted to do something different than just photos of popular YouTubers so we decided to make a calendar filled with baby pictures of YouTubers. But, it still does its job as a calendar, and I’m really happy with how the actual design work came out. So if you don’t mind the first few months being out of date, you can still get the 2015 calendar for $15 on DFTBA. Or if you just want some high-quality printed photos of some awesome YouTubers, you can still get the 2013 calendar for $5.

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