Joel Kinnamen’s best known role to date is playing street-wise Seattle detective, Stephen Holder, in the AMC whodunit drama, The Killing. Kinnamen recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter (read full interview here) about The Killing, his duel citizenship and his fellow Swedes in the business. It’s gonna be a lot of action-futuristic stuff, but raise questions about what it is to be a human.
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I think I had faced more rejection in five months there than a normal person does in a whole lifetime. I grew up there, going to a public school where the education was in English and spoke Swedish at home with my parents.
We are one of the only countries to not dub TV and movies, so I grew up reading English subtitles and learned the language really quickly”. Growing up, it was that working-class part of town where a lot of artists live … and junkies, too.

But then they had me come in one more time to read for Veena Sud and [director] Patty Jenkins, and I nailed it”.

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