Resource Load Chart : Resource load chart shows how a user is allocated tasks per day across all project, and if there is any under-assignment or over-assignment.
Resource Assignment : Part of project planning is to delegate project tasks to your team members. Project Template Use project import functionality like project template and you can import not just schedule but also team & its assignment.
Organize & Share Project Files: Create web folders & upload latest project documents to plan projects better.

Shared Project Calendar: One project plan is created & team members are assigned tasks, Project activities will be shared in team members' online calendar. I sampled over 50 project management software providers trying to find the right one that simplifies the management process. I'm not sure that I've seen a business project management application that is quite as in-depth as ZilicusPM. With ZilicusPM what you get is military-like efficiency and planning, with the ease and familiarity we've come to expect of great platforms.

What speedy, caring, and thorough support and customer service!Thank you SO much for your help and speedy responses. We offer complete project management software solution ZilicusPM to help organizations to effectively manage projects and improve team-client collaboration.

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