Standalone fingerprint T&A System, IN and OUT status, with color display with good performance, built in USB 2.0 designed especially for the purpose of popularizing the fingerprint products.
Subscribe to our newsletter and get latest news and exclusive offers straight to your inbox. The most simple example of a access control system is a door which is locked to limiting people to one side of the door or the other.
In case of Biometric Access Control and Attendance system, the device, which read human finger and store information about that person.

Microtech (BD) System providing a full automation solution of Access control and Time Attendance Systems In Bangladesh. The Technology like RFID Or Key card systems operate on the relationship between a plastic card and electronic access control locks. The System include Access Control and Attendance System device from well-known brand company with others supporting hardware and software. Eachcard is programmed to respond to a particular key card reader or more with a lock or a set of locks.

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