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I am going to include a MinKota 40 thrust trolling motor with my 10 foot aluminum Jon Boat. Weight will be a major issue with a boat that small (as was mine) but if it's done correctly and the weight is distributed right, you should be able to make it work IMO. The story behind this project was to put together a boat to take the kids fishing on and to just have a small boat to cruise around on when we aren't fishing. I've used bimini hardware in the past, it works good but this is cheaper and works good too. One of them is a 1232 just like the others with a blind I made using bimini hardware attached directly to the boat. Weight will be an issue for you in that boat!!its got unusually high sides so i think it will be alright!

We use small boats often that one being our favorite and never had a problem until we put the blind on, it also has high sides. Just adding my two cents but I was sure thankful to be in a channel not more than 20ft wide. Since then we took the blind off and modified it and one other into a layout boat.thats not too good. If you're operating on a budget like me (and 99% of everyone else on here) it'll save you money in the end. I've had the boat for about a month and so far I've gotten it stripped down and the leaks fixed and the bottom and sides repainted.
Haven't got it on the water yet but I got the bottom all sealed up and painted and I'll be flipping it over to work on the inside this week.

Next up is the interior paint then I'll get it wet to see if there is anything else I need to fix before I start modding it. Then I will move on to building on it.I picked up a 1998 2.5hp Mercury from craigslist on a trade for some of my old rc car equipment!

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