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Boat plan net has boating links for sail boats thru to wooden boats for all your boating needs including insurance and numerous boat pics and plans. So I know this has been covered before but for some reason I cant search on my Use method 2. When I first got this boat, I thought maybe I'd put a low deck in the middle and remove the middle bench and then build a casting deck in the bow.
For the deck you can replace teh bench seats with your deck, and anchor your deck to the bench seat supports.
I am building a front deck in my v- hull with the exact postplate, and I just stole your idea for my framework Have you checked how it holds weight? It's fast and stable design make it great for off shore fishing or just cruising around in the harbor.

Thought twice about the 2x4 but it was in the garage - I may go back and replace when I do the deck, will only take 30 mins to replace - The good news for me is that my transom is in great shape and I'm not touching it.
I fish in some larger water and a low COG is going to be very important to staying dry I found an aluminum source this week, so maybe toward the weekend I'll be getting into it. I'll be putting a pedestal seat there I think.- Low decking to use as a flat floor throughout the boat.- Fishfinder install - This may be the next item!
The gas motor is a 2 stroke 5hp Eska motor that has a self contained gas tank so you don't have to have a gas tank. The boat is carpeted, has a large center storage area (could be converted to a live well with a cooler or liner), has numerous fishing rod holders including the ones that run through the center storage area.
The bow will be handled differently - not sure exactly how yet but I'm going to be reading alot of threads for ideas.

I will also include the lifejackets (4), 2 collapsible oars, fire extinguisher, plugs, extra ropes and some extras. The trailer has springs, a winch, new tires and rims, a spare tire and tire mount, and a wheel on the front tongue. The batteries and all the electronics and equipment was bought new in 2013 (most in the fall). I am unsure of the Year and model as it has been covered with carpet so it was registered with an estimated date and model.

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