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Single and double kayaks with cockpits so large that they are almost open boats, with huge buoyancy. A roomy yet efficient strip-planked kayak or decked canoe for relaxed paddling and exploration. A 17-foot traditional wood-strip tandem canoe for day trips and light touring on rivers, ponds and lakes.
Clinker style tandem canoe that looks very heavy but is light and easy to carry and paddle. A hugely popular sharpie design open canoe for people who are in a hurry to get out on the water.
Beautiful modern looking boats that are designed to allow everyone to enjoy being on the water. A stylish child's kayak with excellent performance and plenty of growing room for years of use. A compact modern tandem kayak with a single large cockpit and the comfortable feeling of an open canoe. Light and easily removable outrigger floats that turn a canoe or kayak into a formidable sailing boat or a stable fishing platform. You don't need any boat-building experience to build this boat – just lift the dimensions from the plans and transfer them directly onto the plywood sheets. Easy to use 3D model that will give you a perfect picture of how your new boat is assembled. So order your boat plans now and take advantage of this incredible tool that together with the boat plans, Boat building Master Course and all the other helpful stuff, will give you the best possible starting point for building your new boat.

FREE materials list and cost calculator for 15' Daytrip canoeWant to get the materials list and calculate the cost of building this boat before you buy?
Below is Steve Cullis' Prospector with floats (from our Ranger canoe) and fitted with a tent - to see more pictures and a video of Steve's Prospector with floats, sail and cuddy. Right and below are examples by Mark Aplin who runs canoe building courses based on the Fisher Prospector and other courses including Coracle building, paddle making and sea kayak building.
The 1898 Passamaquoody Decorated Ocean Canoe comes from page 82, Figure 74 of Edwin Adney and Howard Chapelle’s The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. Building a Strip Canoe by Gil Gilpatrick: A great cedar canoe building book that explains excellent shortcuts. Building Strip-Planked Boats: The newest book by kayak and canoe building authority, Nick Schade.
Bryan Hansel is a freelance writer, award-winning photographer and an American Canoe Association L4 Open Water Coastal Kayaking Instructor. Go light; the lighter the better, so that you have the simplest material for health, comfort and enjoyment.
These are the most versatile boats in our range: they can be paddled, rowed using a sliding seat or sailed.
Available in PDF file formats, each plan includes drawings showing exact dimensions for the hull panels and frame, plus comprehensive building instructions and assembly details.
The plans allow you to draw full size pictures of the parts of the boat - the bottom pieces, side pieces etc.
With more than 100 detailed pages of easy-to-follow instructions, over 70 sketches and photos, insider tips and tricks in five downloadable manuals, this boat-building master course explains everything you need to know about planning, building, and finishing your own boat.

You can pan, zoom and rotate details, plus markup, measure and make dynamic cross sections. Follow the directions in this book and end up with a beautiful and functional paddle to go along with your canoe or kayak. If you shop at that online store, PaddlingLight gets a small commission from the sale and it doesn't cost you any more. It offers information about lightweight canoe and kayak travel, how-to articles, trip reports, adventure stories, kayak plans, canoe plans and reviews. Once you're done, simply cut around the lines using a jigsaw, then use the stitch and glue building method to finish your boat.
Tomah Joseph of Princeton, Maine built the canoe based on a cedar and canvas porpoise-hunting canoe. We promote self-direction by emphasizing the do-it-yourself culture, and we believe growing paddlesport participation advances wilderness protection.
Part of our mission is promoting the protection and preservation of our federal, state and local lands.

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