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This pontoon is so LOADED it is too long to list!With a Mercury 150 4-Stroke!Call for all features! These pontoons have been used as rental boats by Bayview, fully looked after and serviced by us to maintain the boats in top condition. Included options over and above the standard equipment: Complete coast guard safety package and complete mooring package.
Well, I’ve grabbed a plug wire at the plug and can report to you that the DC electrical system is standing tall. Then I put the boat in the water and 10 to 90 seconds later (after putting it in gear), it blows. If your key switch is incorporated with your shifter look for the purple wire coming out of the control.

Since the stereo speakers and power seem to follow the standard color codes for front -rear and power, is it safe to assume all the lights, horn and other accessories follow some standard of wiring?
I would like to develop a wiring diagram for this pontoon but I would hate to have to start from scratch and trace out the circuits by trail and error.
The key switch accessory position question is based on the brand of the engine on your boat.
The boat runs very good, Trailer with new D load range tires, new Battery, the boat has had the Gelcoat buffed. There was also a red wire with a yellow tracer in the same (stereo) wiring bundle of the pontoon but it was just clipped. If so what are those standards and where can I find a standard schematic or wiring diagram for those standards?

Is there a way to connect this battery to the the engine's alternator but not allow the trolling motor battery to try to start the main engine? I need one that will fit a Johnson 75elr78c engine from the red plug in the ignition switch? The stereo wiring diagram shows two positive connections one labeled battery and the other labeled ignition - I don't want the stereo on all the time. I just want to use the trolling motor battery for the trolling motor and accessories when the main engine is not running if that is possible.

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