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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 48" pontoon lounge seat in our Premium design with exclusive Roto-Cast Plastic bases & backs.Whether you’re purchasing our Premium, Elite or Platinum seating rest assured that all of our bases are made from Roto-Cast Plastic and offer full storage with a sealed raised bottom with recessed water channels which divert the water away from stored items and sends the water out drain holes in the back of the base unit. Lifetime warranty on all Roto Cast plastic bases & backs.When purchasing this item individually, shipping will need to be added. 4; All bases feature a raised floor with a recessed water diverting channel to help keep your gear dry and allow clear flow of water to drains. My buddy has a bunch of spare pontoons lying around from hydro bikes and im thinkin with a bit of steel fabrication I can turn these into a serious hill country river cruiser. Hi there I'm looking into getting some kind of floating thing pulled together too, and came across this while searching through here for opinions on inflatable boats. Overall it sounds like those are not as good as canoe or a floater design like you've put in the picture up top.

Has any progress Been made?I've for an old pontoon frame, to which I'd like to attach HARD plastic pontoons, instead of inflatables.The Aquabike pontoons can be bought for $200 each, which is up there in cost. It includes a quick release bracket ideal for fishing or for quickly removing the motor for maximum versatility. This is a round-about way of saying I'm also interested in some kind of creation using the pontoons - do you think your pal would be ok selling a couple to me if I can afford what they're asking? Minn Kota has been known for making the best trolling motors for 75 years, and the Powerdrive V2 is the latest technological spin on classic functionality. If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a shot at using the dimensions to try and sketch out one or more designs that you can modify. The V2 for pontoon boats features a powerful new Deploy-Assist Lever, an aluminum quick release bracket, improved ergonomics, and increased digital electronics that extend battery life.
I don't have a huge amount of free time but can probably sneak in good effort during the day between work projects.

A quiet motor with a 54-pound thrust kick, the Powerdrive V2 allows you to swiftly navigate to the catch without scaring them off, and the indestructible composite shaft with Weedless Wedge Propellor guarantees that you won't get caught up in the small stuff. Feel free to send a PM and while I'm not able to jump in and say I can work from dawn to dusk on something like this, well, I'd like to give a try because in the long run maybe I could save a lot of money and have something worth selling too when it's all said and done. Might be a good excuse to finally get some training and equipment for welding, which I've always been interested in learning. No worries if this project is something you're just interested in for yourself, I can dig that.

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