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Slovenia-based architecture firm OFIS pairs up with Harvard School of Design to build a mountaineer's cabin with both beauty and brawn. Seen from the front, the gorgeous Alpine Shelter Skuta looks like any number of stylish modernist cabins or popular tiny houses. Designed by the Ljubljana-based architecture firm OFIS in collaboration with students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the remote glass and cement structure is meant to provide shelter for mountain climbers scaling Stuka mountain, the third tallest peak in the Kamnik Alps. It consists of three separate modules: an entrance for storage and food preparation, a space for socializing, and a sleeping area.
The shelter was partially constructed off-site, then airlifted into position by the Slovenian army and installed in one day. The three-module design allowed for easy transportation and installation, as well as three separate areas for climbers to eat, socialize and rest.

The hut's pitched roof is meant to resemble a tent or temporary lean-to, "a symbol of refuge," says Videcnik.
The triple-pane glass windows offering epic panaramic views of the white rocky mountain peaks and valley below can also hold up against to the projected strong wind and snow loads. OFIS architects and AKT II teamed up with Harvard University Graduate School of Design students to design and build a beautiful yet practical shelter to withstand Slovenia’s extreme alpine climate. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments.
One set of four sturdy kitchen chairs with rush seats, and three tall chair stools the same style. It's not until you consider its location that you understand its greatest strength: perched high on a mountain peak in Slovenia's Alps, the deceptively tough shelter was built to withstand harsh winds, snowfall, and treacherous landslides.

Topped with a jagged mountain-inspired roofline, the minimalist and modular cabin provides safe refuge to adventurers on Mountain Skuta. The triple-pane glass windows offering epic panoramic views of the white rocky mountain peaks and valley below can also hold up against the projected strong wind and snow loads.
The vernacular-inspired Alpine Shelter Skuta frames stunning views of the valley and was airlifted into place by the Slovenian Armed Forces. Features commercial-grade polyethylene woven fabric cover, steel frame with powder-coat finish, Ratchet Tite?

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