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Made with a marine grade corrosion resistant aluminum frame and an all welded design, Mid-Cal Construction floating aluminum boat docks are a maintenance free, durable, and cost-effective dock solution. These beefy floating boat dock hinges are made out of thick cast aluminum and use a stainless steel pivot bolt.
When you have a floating dock or swimming raft, you often need a way to attach either to an anchor weight on the lakebed.
If you need a low-profile anchor ring for your swimming raft of dock, this ring easily fastens to 2" thick timbers with four included stainless steel bolts. Large industrial floating piers, especially piers on the ocean coast, typically use huge 10" and 12" diameter wooden piles, or posts, as they have to support a pier that will raise and lower several feet every day.
Made of aluminum, this marine ladder can be called as aluminum dock gangway or wharf ladder.
RGC boat lifts and boat docks combine the physical strength of quality marine grade aluminum with the engineering expertise of the most experienced boat lift manufacturer in the industry! RGC boat lifts, PWC lifts and railway systems protect your watercraft from damaging wave action, floating debris, weeds, algae and zebra mussels.
Imagine strolling down to your dock walking on your beautiful, secure aluminum gangway without worry about slipping, and not having to watch your every step along the way!
Constructed of 6061 aluminum trusses and frames, with a smooth yet tough walking surface made of ThruFlo decking, a smooth secure handrail placed at a convenient height with mid rails to protect children from falling through, Knight EZ Dock's aluminum gangways are an excellent aesthetic feature to add to your waterfront. With a Knight EZ Dock gangway system, you'll find yourself and your family even spending more time on the dock because access is secure, smooth and safe! A line of Commercial Gangways most suitable for public needs complete with engineering wet stamp. Both product lines are compatible with the EZ Dock system and are compatible with other types of dock systems.

Knight EZ Dock also manufactures a line of tough galvanized steel hinges and roller systems for adapting the gangways to suit virtually any application! Call and talk to one of our experienced sales persons, and start enjoying your dock and waterfront right away!
With our 40 years of experience in marine construction, we have concluded that an aluminum frame provides the best solution when building a dock system. It is a relatively soft material that can easily be damaged by boat impacts and extreme weather conditions. To match the longevity of the aluminum frame, Mid-Cal Construction recommends Brock Vinyl Decking. Mid-Cal Construction specializes in building superior floating boat docks, decks, aluminum gangways, piers, seawalls and marinas. This large cast aluminum anchor ring has an overall length of 9" and provides a super easy way to attach a rope or anchor chain to your swimming raft or pier. This cast aluminum ring has an over-all height only 3.5", so it stays out of the way if there is danger of something bumping into it. If you are building a pier of that sort, you will need a way to keep your dock in place between those piles. Our company could offer five types of this marine gangway ladder: flat type, bend type, fully-fixed type and detachable type. Many options and accessories are offered to customize each lift, railway and dock system to meet your personal requirements. Beginning with Boat House and Platform lifts, RGC continues to introduce revolutionary products which include roofing hoists and hydraulic tools for the construction and remodeling industries. That is what the owners of Knight EZ Dock gangways do every time they walk out to their dock!

Fabricated by certified welders at our climate controlled welding shop and storage facility yard in Deer Park, Washington, gangways can be specially fabricated to customize to your individual needs, including options for wheelchair and limited access needs. Aluminum is a strong material that is well suited for outdoor exposure in both fresh and salt water environments. Wood docks require frequent repair and must be treated with wood preservatives to prevent deterioration.
Serving the communities of Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, Sausalito, Larkspur, Tiburon, Belvedere, Mill Valley, Novato, Vallejo, Napa, Redwood Shores, Isleton, Discovery Bay, Sacramento, Bethel Island, California Delta, Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, Bass Lake, Lake Tulloch, Point Richmond, Manteca, Oakwood Shores. Aluminum boat docks are resistant to aquatic conditions, free from rust or splintering and maintains its aesthetic and functional integrity. Steel docks offer a stronger alternative to wood but rusts and corrodes causing a need for regular maintenance.
We also have additional options including Ipe Brazilian hardwood, composite decking, GlobalGrid, or Tuff Tread. They use super thick cast aluminum loops and brackets, and use large diameter rollers to minimize wear for years of use. Usually, this aluminum gangway is used to embark or disembark for passengers when various types of ships are pulling into a shore deck. This marine dock gangway is approved by CB3116-82 standard and meets the requirements of JIS F2613-1976 and ISO7061-1993.

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