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ALUMINUM CHAMBERED BOAT COVERSABOUT ALUMINUM CHAMBERED BOATSAluminum Chambered Boats started in 2000 assembling a range of aluminum hull yachts suited for handling some rather extreme conditions. What’s the largest inflaitable this could be put on to still get on the plane easily.
I’m interested in the Ocean320 and wonder it’s safe to carry 4 adult and a child please? Building tough and flexible watercrafts, the company heavily caters to the United States military winning several supply contracts.
The hull can be best described as a modified constant deadrise form, the most trusted and well behaved hullform ever developed.2.

Next order I will get some in stock for all models as a number of people seem to want them. Using the engine bracket, instead of mounting the engine(s) on the transom, allows the engine(s) to sit a bit higher and further aft of the end of the hull. The innovative, variable width chine flats are wide aft, gradually narrowing from amidships forward. Whenever possible, welds are avoided: entire cockpit sole(from the bow to the engine bracket) is made of only two lengthwise halves, welded together, then welded to topsides(side plates) around the perimeter, and slot welded to structural members underneath. Back has mesh top and front (not shown) has a mesh table, 2 heavy duty aluminum oars 2 piece lock in, foot strap and leg strap plus the extra side pocket for your fishing gear.

Built into the cockpit sole, on centre, is a 50 USG fish hold, with a flush lid, built-in drain and a removable liner.6. I believe in being able to access and remove the fuel tank, if necessary, even after the boat is completed. It is possible to make the boat unsinkable(not required legally at this size), by filling the unused cavities under cockpit sole with foam.

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