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Stick N Bond RV Tank & Roof Repair Kit, 6" x 6" Patch, AluminumRepairs tanks, roofs or any surface where tensile strength is desired and flexibility is not essential. The Intex Mariner inflatable boat is a broad beamed, comfortable raft, the kind you are looking for to spend leisurely days at the lake or floating down a quiet river. A Look at the Boat The Intex Mariner inflatable boat is a 4-person raft that features an inflatable keel, motor mount fittings, and a heavy-duty extruded plastic floor. Reviews on the Intex Mariner inflatable boat offer strong endorsements for this sturdy craft, which is one of the better boats Intex makes. CUSTOM BOAT MFG BOAT COVERSABOUT CUSTOM BOAT MFG BOATSBased in the state of Louisiana, Custom Boat Manufacturing Incorporated features an abundant range of flat-bottom and utility boats. Click Here ALUMINUM FISHING BOATS - WALK THRU WINDSHIELD ABOUT WALK THRU WINDSHIELD BOATS  Calling all fishermen! They remark that not only does the roomy floor make the boat seem larger, the floor is solid and rigid enough to permit standing and casting.

Assembling tough aluminum-welded workboats, the vessel built by Custom Boat Manufacturing are crafted to the specifications of the buyer. On the hull, the reinforced PVC plastic is thicker than many other rafts, and it is resistant to abrasion (scrapping against rocks) and harsh chemicals and elements such as oil, gas, seawater, and UV sunlight. Though advertised as a 4-man raft, reviewers are nearly universal in their opinion that only 2 or 3 adults can fit in it comfortably. They also feel the oars are too short for this craft, but many owners opt to put a trolling motor on the back and do very little rowing. It can easily be stored as well as attached to a trailer so you don't have to worry about storage expenses! Our 16,000 square foot factory is fully complemented by state-of-the-art machinery and a dedicated staff of marine design and fabrication professionals. The only thing is that we would caution that you dona€™t buy this boat intending to use it as a whitewater raft.

No inflatable with a hard floor should be taken down anything rougher than Class II rapids as the boat could get swamped with water, or flip over a€” whitewater requires a flexible boat for rolling over waves. Check out the Photo Gallery for some examples of what we have custom fabricated for some of our customers.

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