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Pitting, cracks and crevice corrosion are three of the drawbacks of any aluminum boat over the long haul. In addition to boat repair, other boat-related repair can also be conducted quickly and easily as well.
Besides boat repair, the HTS-2000 can also repair engine blocks, radiators, fuel tanks, air conditioners, latches, brackets, rivets and many more aluminum surfaces and objects. So, if you have an aluminum boat and are in need of a quick and easy method for boat repair, look no further than our industrial strength, second-generation line of boat repair products. Gibbons Boat RepairBismarck, ND“We tried your Brazing rod thinking it would be like all the rest.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Figured that I would post this up for guys that might be thinking about this or needing to do this. Using pressure treated wood even coated in resin is an iffy proposition in an aluminum hulled boat. Maybe consider painting the aluminum in contact with the PT transom wood with rhino-liner just in case? Our experience has been that the wood always seems to rot out before any visual sign of deterioration of the aluminum, even the treated wood however the newer treated wood is not the same treatment as a few years ago but now I am curious so I will investigate this further. I have seen the copper treated wood eat up flashing on my jobsites in under 18 months, don't use it on your boat.

I have been asked on many occasions, which type of boat hull is best and I thought it would make the subject of an interesting article. Robustness – Having recently had a student back our fiberglass boat into the wharf and send splinters of fiberglass to the bottom of the bay, I appreciate the undeniable strength of an aluminium hull which would have  probably come off better then the wharf. Weight – Lightweight hull requires less engine HP to push it through the water hence less $$. Repair – Small dents in aluminium hulls are easily repaired, however when larger areas of damage occur it is difficult and costly to repair. Corrosion – Aluminium hulls have been known to suffer in salt-water environments due to corrosion.
Cold – Aluminium boats tend to be colder then their counterparts as they conduct heat away quicker and can be more prone to condensation.
Anti-fouling – [For those who don’t know] Anti-foul is the paint on the bottom of boats that live in the water and helps prevent marine growth to the bottom of the boat.
Aesthetics – A fiberglass hull can be moulded into fancy shapes and sleek lines that an aluminium owner can only  stand back and admire. Repairs – It is easy to find people to repair fiberglass, also there are few minor accidents that a $15 tube of Epifill can’t sort out. Maintenance – Fiberglass boats tend to require less hull maintenance and vigilance, there are no rivets, welds or corrosion to worry about.
Many people buy aluminum boats because aluminum is light, fast, flexible and seaworthy. Aluminum is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, non-sparking and can be fixed with an HTS-2000 brazing rod without a welding machine.

For instance, repair to a boat engine or engine housing, fuel tanks or even the boat trailer is a snap with our products. If your aluminium boat has a dent in it can be repaired by banging the damaged area with a hammer.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
You're probably better off using Marine plywood with a sealer and paint than with the newer treated lumber.
The problem is that pipe smoking white haired gentlemen have a tendency to passionately defend the style of boat they are familiar with, regardless of the competitor’s admirable qualities.
You also need to be careful how your electrical connections and other metals touch the aluminium as they can react and corrode. The HTS-2000 is a no-flux brazing rod and all that is needed besides the brazing rod is a heat source (propane or mapp gas), a turbo tip, or oxy-acetylene.
This is normally caused by factory flaws and un-repaired damage to the gelcoat (shiny outer layer of the hull) through which water can seep.
I myself am a fiberglass convert but this may simply be because these are the types of boats I have grown up with, and haven’t had a lot to do with aluminium. I will say that 90% of my hunting is fresh water river, and might plan one trip to the coast for sea ducks a year.

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