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High impact marine-grade alloy aluminum stronger and lighter than conventional fiberglass boats.
Armstrong boats are constructed with precise attention to detail by certified welders and craftsmen. Every boat is subjected to rigorous hull testing to ensure Armstrong boats will outlast any vessel on the market today. We build high quality and affordable aluminum ferries, tour or dive boats and we have a top team of welders and fabricators.

We have developed  a new factory on 4 acres of land which fronts on to a major highway with 200 meters of road frontage. The factory is located on Highway 332 near Bangsaray in Chonburi where wide roads give easy access for launching.
Our combination of traditional skills, modern techniques and materials plus attention to detail, quality and customer care produces cost effective and professional boat construction. We have many designs available from 10.5 meters to 21 meters all of which have CNC cutting files available for an accurate and fast finish.

Our factory is at Kilometer 5 on Highway 332 just turn left at the second set of traffic lights after Bangsaray. We have the skills to be able to build your boat using any standard boat building materials and this ability to diversify has kept our company on the move.

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