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DIY Build Testimonials Boats For Sale occupy Survey Consulting Books & Stuff About Us. Location: New Zealand Have a look at these hulls, better than a flat bottom less hp to drive and greater stability! Lemme see if I can get an image or two uploaded here just to keep the thread up to date eh?
Of course Now she weighs so much that the lil 25 hp Mariner just wouldn't quite plane her with anything but me aboard - so much as a stiff headwind would knock me off plane and one passenger turned her into a slug displacement 6 knot vessel that drank fuel like it was going outta style.
For anyone contemplating building thier own alloy boat from a kit - there are a series of two Aussie boating magazine articles, where the female editor welded up her own 4.75 meter (16 ft) boat from one of CDM's Plasma cut kits.

You can get back issues of the two magazines containing the articles &photo's on the CDM plate boat project below.
You'd need the back issues numbers 61 from Jan 2001 & 62 from Feb 2001 available online thru the backissues order link off the mainpage link above to read up and get an idea of how hard or easy such a project can be.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. If you are prepared to do some organising and a bit of running around you can save thousands of dollars. Our comprehensive drawing set features 3D Assembly Instructions guiding you step by through the construction sequence.

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