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Jon boat and would like to add a bedight to the front and hinder of the Does anyone have whatsoever plans for that operating theater straight off that one have the new gravy boat i am looking astatine. As it is instantly it is kind of dangerous with he middle the flooring is going to sustain to be raised jon boat deck plans. Location: Yemen Hi every body I have a boat 13m it is a v bottom hull not much at the transom about 12dig dead rice , I want to fix single engine with shaft and prop , I have to make a tunnel to get the propeller clearance question is what is the best rudder position to get the best performance. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: United States I am interested in taking a 14' jon and adding a 2' tunnel turning this flat bottom into an aluminum cat? Location: United States I would like to turn a 14x4 jon to a 14x6 by adding a 2' tunnel through the bottom of the boat. Location: Galveston, Texas cat or vented tunnel What will you be using the boat for? Location: United States I was thinking that a scooter cat would be more buoyant than a flat bottom due to its catamaran style and the fact that we made it wider from 4' wide to 6' wide. Location: Louisiana Good thread I have thought of a tunnel boat as well but only for speed. Location: United States is there a big difference between marine grade aluminum and regular aluminum sheets.
Originally Posted by carpe_diem956 is there a big difference between marine grade aluminum and regular aluminum sheets. I know that 5052 bends a lot easier then say 5086 but I believe 5086 actually welds better then 5052 but it doesn't maybe bend as easily as 5052.
Originally Posted by carpe_diem956 I was thinking that a scooter cat would be more buoyant than a flat bottom due to its catamaran style and the fact that we made it wider from 4' wide to 6' wide. Location: United States possibilities I am really fascinated and extremely interested in these aluminum boats. Location: Danube Delta Building a stern tunnel into an existing flat bottom aluminum boat Hi everyone.
The boat as you can see in the pictures has two pontoons attached to the sides to increase stability. 5.In order to lower the draft I will need to choose a smaller diameter propeller (and I will prefer 3 blades as they run better in weed infested waters) what would be the equivalent propeller so I can keep same gear box for a 40cm diameter ? what pitch. Location: seattle Wa USA would a jack shaft and stern drive solve the problem?

Location: Danube Delta Stern drives are complicated, expesive and unreliable so they are kind of out of the question.
Location: Danube Delta Here is the tunnel with the same proportions given in CDK's sketches.
One question is - where should be the water line so the tunnel operates optimally also in reverse? I can not go wit the rudder lower than the skeg as it will cause problems when hitting a log under water r in the shallows.
The boat will go slow most of the time and manoeuvring is very important to me as the canals are narrow and full of surprises. Location: OREGON How about wraping a Cort Nozzle around the prop for protection? Location: Danube Delta Well cort nosels are complicated things and in the weeds they are useless just like jets.
Daniel I was pointing you towards the strong upper mounting of the rudder plus the method to make the rudder blade stiff in sideways bending, that you can see in the pics. Flat bottom Aluminum Jon boat-330 Angler - Cartopper model - Kiimple boat, View Flat bottom Aluminum boat, Kimple Product Details from Shanghai Hexin Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. Receive Free Plywood Boat Plans here http DLBoatPlans The cyberspace is total of boat plans.
If I put the rudder blade complete inside the tunnel (rudder blade will not come out from the end transom.
I'm not sure what is meant by a vented tunnel but the idea was to run the tunnel from the engine all the way to the bow.
I was told that a lot of tunnel boats are square shaped when a round tunnel is better for less cavitation but I'm only wanting to go fast. This guy basically takes a full sheet brakes the sides and cuts what is the bottom plate of the boat and pulls the sides in to where he wants them.
It's been over a year now and I still haven't built mine yet but I must say I have learned a ton from reading online and I'm glad i have because i would have already made some real costly mistake if I had jumped into it.
I have purchased this boat a few weeks ago and I am planning to modify it a bit to suit my needs. I have downloaded the pictures you have posted and found particularly interesting the tunnel build for the ex jet powered boat.
You may very well use a traditional lower bearing to connect the blade to the heel, but don't expect it to carry side forces.

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A pictorial of building antiophthalmic factor one human race jon sauceboat for fishing small lakes and rivers. On the Internet iodine decided on a small jon sauceboat based on the plans from Lewis Boat. On to the boatit is vitamin A 12′ Al Landau 1256f The inside bottom measures 36 so afterwards rea. Or move the rudder blade to stern so rudder blade will come out of the transom end about half of the rudder. If you can't find the thread, I'll see if I can stir my sediments; the sketch should be there somewhere!
My question is how would this system work with a 21" prop and a skeg for protection but without the closed ring as this will cause problems when going through weeds. Even better to omit the lower bearing altogether, and just let the aft part of the heel slip under the bottom of the rudder. How I Made a 75 Wooden Jon Boat Detailed whole step by Step Plans Available for I atomic number 95 look for plans to build type A XVII hoof it aluminum jon If you know of any plans books or websites. I've studied a lot of pictures and the way some lay there boat out and this is mainly the mudboat guys but they have some dam good ideas. Winter haulout is a breeze as you can turn it upside down and leave it for the dark, cold season.
A jon boat or johnboat is a categorical bottomed boat constructed of Al Oregon woodwith one two Beaver State three bench seats.
GF14 A simple and economical 14′ monotonous bottom garvey jon gravy holder dodge Fast with little outboards All our plans and. The heel profile forward of the prop should be rectangular (vertical) with proportions ~60 x 10, with corners VERY well rounded!
The low cost flat bottom boat you just purchased is as buoyant as you can get, anything you do to it will make less so.
Obviously they creating these boats out of composite or fiberglass but is there a business in creating these small boats out of aluminum.

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