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So I tried to follow along and I don't think I ever saw exact numbers on actual lift gained from pods. Wow, this is a VERY open question as there are many factors involved to quantify the exact lift you will gain. Sparks0812 wrote:So I tried to follow along and I don't think I ever saw exact numbers on actual lift gained from pods.
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I can see keeping the boat afloat more but just don't see how it would increase performance. The downside is of course not being able to get the bow up in bad weather thus forcing the bow to pierce waves and the subsequent over the deck wave.

Only to be cleaned and organized when you have no real projects but want to avoid working on projects you have avoided for the last 6 months.
It's almost like doing a weight and balance calculation for an aircraft except with boats there is a lot of data that is not available and is specific to each individual boat and it's loading.However there are some things that we do know and can calculate and get a fairly good guess on the outcome. Since mine will be mounted up 1" to break the suction by allowing air to get in behind I don't think that on plane I will have any power robbing wetted surface but since you have been speaking about cutting them off, ie your current down sloping pods I was wondering for the sake of argument what your speeds are with the current installation, with no pods and with your new installation configuration whatever that may be.
They will soar on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.
Stainless steel bolts with stainless washers and lock washers, sealed with a good marine water proof adhesive should do the job, better than factory.
As far as the boat having a higher top speed that isn't likely unless the hull is a very poor design to start with and needed gull wings on the engine cavitation plate or trim tabs, both of which add more drag and hence a slower top speed, IMHO.
When I did mine like yours, I used two pieces of plywood and painted with oil base paint, two coats.

My biggest question is what fasteners should I use to replace these aluminum rivets, that won't leak or rust? It peeled after a couple of years so I should have used some resin either epoxy or polyester. That's what I would do, use some polyester resin and paint the plywood all over, especially the edges with the resin and let it cure good before assembly. I think his loss of speed is that his are flat with the bottom, not angled like they are supposed to be, but I may be mistaken on that.As for all this talk of lifting the bow in rough water.

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