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14ft x 42" bottom heavy duty homemade aluminum mud boat hull, shaft, strut, rudder, propand an old Rockford PTO clutch. The MST’s round out our mud motor line.  These boats build upon the DBST platform but with an innovative hull design that compliments the terrain mud boats are designed for. The MST can be outfitted with optional features like a built in gun box and a LED light bar, to help navigate while hanging onto our custom mud motor control bar.

Mud motor handle bars are a must have option for many mud motor enthusiasts when bouncing off of stumps and jumping logs.
Mud Boat, homemade, all weld aluminum boat, 16 ft, 25 hp Koler engine, air cooled, 6 gallon built in gas tank, magic tilt trailer. Havoc boats have taken that one step further by placing all of your ignition, trim, and clutch controls on the handle bar for easy use all in one sleek package.

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