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Load Rite's AR roller models are the finest, heavy-duty aluminum framed bunk trailers available.A  The proprietary I-beam design safely protects wiring and brake lines along the length of the frame, and incorporate fastener channels for axle and fender mounting that minimize unsightly u-bolts straddling the frame. Available with a wide array of options, aluminum wheels make these models great looking, easy to use, and competitively priced. Model shown with optional aluminum wheels, Vortex hubs, spare tire and carrier, and plastic bunk covers.

Load Rite's bunk system provides the most adjustability and the best support of any bunk design on the market today, thoughtfully designed with space between the front and rear bunks to accommodate sling loading.A  Adjustable vertically and horizontally, the bunks provide dramatically improved support compared to the traditional solid wood bunks. Add aluminum wheels and you've just specified the closest thing to a custom trailer available, and all priced to fit every boater's budget.
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