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He gets back, hands me my money, shows me the cert of origin, calls me a whiney person, goes on how the cost of the boat ain't shit to him and be doesn't deal with whiney people. Your attitude towards a prospective buyer needs work at best, especially someone who has never purchased a boat before.
You got nasty with me on the phone when I stopped by on friday afternoon because 1) I didn't call first and 2) i had poor reception and was breaking up. You resort to name calling and belittling (to my face) because I asked to have the document that you touted having and showing Friday. You did spend a good hour or more going over the whole package including maintenance on friday. Considering I have never bought a boat before the registration process and the documents I needed was what I was unsure of. Your attitude towards a prospective buyer needs work at best, especially someone who has never purchased a boat before. Considering I have never bought a boat before the registration process and the documents I needed was what I was unsure of. Growing up on Cape Cod in the 70's I had a couple of these in succession, a 14 footer and a 16 footer.
HeidiDecember 31, 2009 at 1:48 PMThe dory or in this case semi dory design has been around for a very long time. The Mellotron is a tape sample playback keyboard from the 1960s that made an appearance on multiple Beatles albums, among others.
Yes, those are solar panels that could be flipped up and secured horizontally to better gather light. I'm a full time charter guide, I have time on my hands these days believe me, more than 7 years ago! Well, if you're looking for something to do you're welcome to wax my boat since you don't need to wax yours! Cons - The engine was a bit much for the boat and could get scary with the back end sliding out at higher speeds. I talked to the builders granddaughter at one of the boat shows and asked her why the old man hasn't made one with even just a little V in her bottom and she said that he was stuck in his ways .

Hi Drew, just got my hands on an 1980 Amesbury 16 and am figuring out where to place a bilge pump and battery.
Beautifully maintained 16 Ft Amesbury Dory, Steering console, Wooden side rails, Mahogany seating. Workhorse of the famed Grand Banks fisherman, this versatile and seaworthy craft was able to survive nearly everything the Atlantic Ocean could throw at it.
The Amesbury is distinguished by an unusually high freeboard, a handsome bow and graceful sheer line.
To determine the static waterline on any boat that has never had bottom paint applied or where the actual line has not been previously established, the best bet is to load the boat as would normally be loaded and float it.
My Amesbury is probably a bit heavier than many because I have quite a bit of extra equipment installed. Bryan, count the strakes from the wood rail and you can get a feel to the static waterline on my Amesbury. Bryan, to your second question, no I do not recommend leaving the boat resting on its side for extended periods. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. The boat, motor and trailer (besides the lack of functioning lights) were all exactly as described. Also I would love for you to share details on how you kept the 2 rear compartments water tight. As outboard motors became popular, the dories were adapted to accept them but retained all their best seagoing characteristics.
It is very much at home in rough water, yet can be driven to planing speeds with a minimum horsepower motor. How do you determine how far up to paint the hull without first putting her in the water…as it will be the first time painting it.
If I plan on not being by the boat for several weeks, I may pull the boat up on a floating dock and leave her resting on one . Full console with electronics, 6 Gallon fuel tank, two group 27 deep cycle batteries, cooler.

I think you are going to find the boat is just a bit too heavy to moose up on its side easily. My main concern through the whole process was making sure I can register both items without issues. Hence why I still wanted it after you demanded the paperwork back (After you drove to go retrieve the cert of origin). I assumed small craft and trailers needed it present (whether the spaces were full or not).
Fiberglased in a piece of marine grade plywood to the deck & then epoxied the center console to the plywood. Although the high freeboard makes it a very dry boat, the dory design allows the rail to be easily pushed part way down to the waters edge. Fiberglass tanks with foam flotation run the entire length on both sides making the boat unsinkable and very stiff even without the seats.
He had several questions for me that I’ll share because there is some relevance to almost anyone that is acquiring a new boat that has never had bottom paint applied. I pay him and as I swap the tow balls on my hitch I remember him telling and showing me yesterday the cert. One installed a bilge pump and battery as these boats have no bilge and are not self bailing- they need to be pumped following rain etc. But of equal importance is the safety factor that someone in the water can haul himself back aboard without difficulty.
Your boats differ slightly from the type that had been made on the North Shore of MA by outfits like Lowell's in that yours have a markedly more freeboard than those.

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