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Out of production since the 1990s, this historic model makes a return to the Donzi lineup for 2007. The Sweet 16 offers the same great features as other models in Donzi’s Classic line, yet its unique wraparound seating allows you to take full advantage of this beauty’s compact cockpit.
Click on the links for more picures 1958 Chris Craft Continental 21′ Youtube video of this boat in Water .

With its sleek lines and nimble sports-car handling, this low-slung rocket became one of the most celebrated fiberglass boats of all time. Whether you’re looking for a boat to restore or for recreation, this is the boat list you’re looking for!
Each model boasts the trademark blend of style, performance, all-out thrills and exclusivity that have earned them a place in history, and a cult following like nothing else on the water.

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