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Ships is very important means of transport in ArcheAge online game, like a Mount, you can travel by the sea, explore under water territories and continents. After you construct your ship, the ship would completed, the ship or boat will doing underwater ceremony then become a summon instruments and exist in your bag.
I see a lot of people asking for this so I’ll go ahead and post my build, UI, Keybinds, and whatever other info people may want to know. Piercing Shot – This will generally be your follow-up on a Charged Bolt when more than 15m out. Intensity – I would take this for the 15 second fear immunity alone, but the Bloodthirst is a nice bonus.
Overwhelm – Great at shutting down melee, followed up by a dropback or mobility skill to create a gap. Freerunner – Great initiator against other Primevals, Tricksters, and Stone Arrows to keep distance and prevent poison (hidden bow passive as well as Toxic Shot) from applying.
I have Shadowstep on f2 for easy reach from 3, and it’s right next to Overwhelm on f1 for a fluid follow-up combo after a Shadowstep. X is not quite as easy to reach as 1–5, but much easier than the Shift keybinds, and Freerunner is a pseudo-preparatory skill. C and V are spammable, as often in stealth I need to immediately re-stealth after the effect begins to wear, or I’ll be in-stealth and need to get the first Leech off in order to assure a victory against a Darkrunner or equivalent enemy. Finally, I have Teleportation bound to Mouse Wheel (Up) as you shouldn’t be zooming in and out during combat, and makes for a very fast escape when a stun ends, same with Dropback on Mouse Wheel (Down), and really the binds for those two make sense in relation to the orientation and direction your character moves with the skills. Potions and Food are alt+1–4, for relatively easy use mid-combat or after an escape without wasting time clicking them. A Keybind that’s NOT listed is ` (the Tilde ~ key), which immediately turns my character 180 degrees for a front-flip dropback. What benefits can I enjoy as a registered member here?As a registered member, you will enjoy better discount for cheap archeage gold in our store, and you will be kept updated when we have further member activities for you.

You should know the process of ship building will require a lot of resources and labor, so first you need to ready the resources as follow: Wooden Planks, Iron, Fabric. Find a place on the water, where you can put the drydock for your ship, then use the ships design of ship from your bag.
Construction your drydock, press F near the drydock, you can know what resources are needed and looking the construction status to construct the ship. Before you even think about building your class, Primeval or not, you should always have a solid build that you’re comfortable with.
Generally this will be your first big hit, unless you go with a melee initiator to trip a mage and get some range.
If your opponent is less than 15m away from you, hit them with Charged Bolt, a volley of Endless Arrows, and Piercing Shot to renew the slow effect. The damage will reveal a stealthed target, so it’s a great opener, especially when used with Overwhelm against mages with no Trip protection. Poison is a powerful DoT which deals more damage to bleeding targets (hello, Piercing Shot 100% bleed uptime), and will keep damage on an enemy, preventing them from entering stealth.
Never, ever use this with an enemy close enough to inflict Distressed unless you’ve just tripped or stunned them. Shrug It Off keeps me out of a stun lock, and I can follow it up immediately with Snare to give myself time to create a gap when enemies are on me.
Alternating in a one-on-on between Tab and C allows me to instantly target another stealthed enemy and Leech them. Note, click G construct your ship in order after packaged archeage materials, wooden - wooden - fabric - fabric - fabric - iron - iron - iron. OK, the same process to build the larger ships if you want, the main difference is the amount of resources needed to craft, the bigger ships, the more packs for construction.
The cast time will get you killed in open world combat, or if an enemy in the gladiator arena has the means to get rid of a shackle.

Be sure to use this before Stalker’s Mark when fighting opponents who have the Defense tree, as Redoubt grants trip immunity. Attack Speed not only decreases your Global Cooldown by the percentage you have stacked, but also increases the attack animations.
What kind of payments do you offer here?Usually, we accept Paypal, moneybooker and credit cards here. Note, do not put your drydock far from the land and crafting stations, or will cost you a lot of time for this. Every part of the build is made to kite, so taking skills like Concussive Arrow just isn’t worth the risk.
This combo, if successful, will reset your panic switch and allow breathing room in any fight, especially against burst melee and DPS mages.
Use when you need time to recover, play half a song, or get that pesky melee out of the way while you deal with his ranged DPS or mage friend. For example, in 3 seconds without attack speed, I can fire 3 Endless Arrow volleys, however at 34% attack speed, I can fire an additional 5-arrow volley within those 3 seconds, increasing my DPS tremendously. What you’ll end up doing for maximum effectiveness before high-stakes fights is reset your Auramancy tree, slot Health Lift, use it on yourself, and reset it once more to the proper build. Can I enjoy a fast delivery after payment?The answer is definitely yes as long as you offer us a correct email address, we have a safe and sound system to ensure the fast delivery to you once you finish your payment here.

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