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At the end of January canoe polo athletes from all across Australia converged on Adelaide for the national training camp.
The training camp is part of the Australian Canoe Polo Technical Committee's development program.
The 2013 training camp was very well attended with 32 athletes, 7 coaches and 3 officials present.
For athletes attending the training camp it was a chance to develop their skills so they could achieve whatever goals they happened to be pursuing.
In turn the Australian senior men's team coach Duncan Cochrane passed on his years of knowledge to the next generation of coaches. One of the highlights for many of the athletes was a talk given by London Olympic track cyclist Matt Glaetzer. This was an opportunity for everyone to develop their canoe polo skills, learn about how to train for the sport and meet other players.
ACPTC organises a training camp for the development of athletes, coaches and officials each January. It really was a true Australian event with participants coming from all over the country; most from the usual places such as Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The coaches did a superb job teaching the athletes skills such as ball throwing, kayak control and technical knowledge of the game, including offensive and defensive tactics. This setup worked very well with everyone being able to gain from the vast amount of information the Australian canoe polo community holds. Matt talked about his experiences as an elite athlete, gave some very helpful insights into what it takes to reach this level and also offered some useful advice about training, nutrition and competition tactics.
Logistically, it came together superbly, however the real focus was on the learning and here I believe that everyone was able to walk away from the three days as either an improved player, coach or official. The event was a great success; it was well attended, had an awesome atmosphere and all participants improved their skills greatly. The aim of the camp is to cultivate canoe polo across the country by getting everyone together and sharing experiences and information about the game. However, the standout was one 18 year old girl from Alice Springs who drove for 20 hours to attend the camp! Track cycling is a very different sport to canoe polo, however Matt was able to engage the camp participants well and many of them were able to gain new and helpful knowledge. Next year's training camp is already in the early stages of organisation and I encourage everyone to attend.

The bark sheet has been folded together at each end and secured with a wooden peg and bark lashings.
This means not only developing athlete's personal canoe polo abilities, but also the development of coaches and officials. There was also a wide range of ages, from very small juniors to those in the masters category, with numerous reasons for attending; some players had the goal of making the national team, whilst others just wanted to improve their game so they could enjoy social club level competition.
Closer to home, Australian canoe polo's own Alisa Enting-Hawke shared her experience as an elite canoe polo athlete, and more specifically discussed her 2012 World Championship campaign (including showing off a very shinny bronze medal!). The inside surface of the canoe is smooth while rough bark makes up the outer surface of the canoe. Ailsa did an excellent job at inspiring the next generation of young Australians taking on the canoe polo world and her presentation was also a good link between elite level canoe polo and the rest of the community.

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