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Location: USA Heavy vessels like Bristol Channel cutters are so comfy at sea.
Looking at a Herreshoff racing sailboat, the scantlings are about perfect and you couldn't make it lighter without it breaking. One thing that is apparent is that the rig chosen has a massive impact on the comfort of passage making at this size. There was another guy - swedish I think - who went blue water in even smaller boats, but I can't remember his name. However my experience is showing that the total costs of epoxy is not that high because you are only applying one skin of say 600 gm glass on both sides of a 9mm ply - which gives a total thickness of say 10 mm. If you had to produce a total of 10 mm thick polyester and glass it ends up being many layers ( 16 ??? For the home builder epoxy is nice because you can work in small batches over a long peroid of time. It is a lot of work and does take much longer than expected, but the end result is very strong with a very good finish. It's far more important at this size to navigate defensively - ie never get yourself into a situation where you have to work off a lee shore. Location: brisbane In the recent past, someone posted a cartoon of a small steel sharpie designed by Phil Bolger,on one of these threads. Location: 034 I agree LR few boats of that size can get to windward usefully in a gale. The boat needs enough stiffness to stand up to sail, it needs enough drive to get through the waves and enough lateral plane to be effective when the boat is struggling to make weigh in a rough confused sea and screeming hoolie winds.
For what it is worth I currently have a very light displacement boat somewhat longer than the range mentioned here, and it will go to windward in a gale, and is not part of the heavy displacement crowd.
Originally Posted by rayman In the recent past, someone posted a cartoon of a small steel sharpie designed by Phil Bolger,on one of these threads.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Roma, named after two previous ships and the city of Rome, was the fourth Vittorio Veneto-class battleship of Italy's Regia Marina (English: Royal Navy). The construction of both Roma and her sister ship Impero was planned due to rising tensions around the world and the navy's fear that two Vittorio Venetos and the older pre-First World War battleships were not enough to counter the British and French Mediterranean Fleets.
Roma was commissioned into the Regia Marina on 14 June 1942, but a severe fuel shortage in Italy at that time prevented her from being deployed; instead, along with her sister ships Vittorio Veneto and Littorio, she was used to bolster the anti-aircraft defenses of various Italian cities. After repairs in Genoa through all of July and part of August, Roma was deployed as the flagship of Admiral Carlo Bergamini in a large battle group that eventually comprised the three Vittorio Venetos, eight cruisers and eight destroyers.

While the force was in the Strait of Bonifacio, Dornier Do 217s of the German Luftwaffe's Kampfgeschwader 100a€”armed with Fritz X radio-controlled bombsa€”the pioneering deployment of any sort of unpowered, free-fall precision-guided munition in military historya€”sighted the force.
In her 15-month service life, Roma made 20 sorties, mostly in transfers between bases (none were to go into combat), covering 2,492 mi (4,010 km) and using 3,320 tonnes (3,270 long tons; 3,660 short tons) of fuel oil in 133 hours of sailing. Images from the web about asylum boat in trouble as indonesia australia talk refugees, hope you like them. Find us on FacebookRecent CommentsAHMED on Burma ‘ends attacks in Kachin’wisnel on Obama visit to Kenya? Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Great looking site, LINCOLNSHIRE, but members needs to have a look at and abide by its copyright terms before reposting any images here at City Data. We use our lfag for everything, we have small flagpolls in our gardens and we raise the flag at birthsdays, wedding and so on..
Tell me if this is true: I've heard that the origins of the Danish flag stems back a thousand years or so to a certain Danish king, who asked God for a sign as to whether or not to attack Poland. Many of our traditions come from the fishing and cargo vessels of the past with their very stout industrial build. I spent a lot of years repairing small wooden yachts of every stripe, and know about light build.
One of these (well the Hunter 19 actually, but virtually the same thing) did the Transatlantic race in 1972. For a really small boat this might mean the ability to right itself after a complete roll-over, hopefully with the rig intact (see item 1). A superb and resourceful seaman can accomplish great voyages under almost impossible conditions like Shackleton and Worsley.
It was sketched out for a prospective long distance cruiser.It was an unusual stepped hull design, can anyone remember it?? I know there is the light displacement crowd and the 6.5's but something like Seraphyn has more space for people.
As Roma was laid down almost four years after the first two ships of the class, some small improvements were made to the design, including additional freeboard added to the bow. Their stated intent was attacking the Allied ships approaching Salerno to invade Italy (Operation "Avalanche") but, in reality, the Italian fleet was sailing to Malta to surrender following Italy's September 8, 1943 armistice with the Allies. It was discovered about 30 kilometers off the northern coast of Sardinia at a depth of around 1000 meters (3,300 ft). The boat, around 42 nautical miles south of Java, had requested assistance and been spotted by a customs surveillance aircraft, Australian Customers and Border Protection said.

I want people to know that there are very few southerners that still respect the confederate flag. The next morning the king awoke to a red sky with white cloud formations resembling a cross in the direction of Poland. Some southern California 1960s strip built lightweight 40 to 50 foot racers I fixed seemed very good, and folkboats, IODs and other traditional light vessels are fine vessels, extremely strong for their weight. She was called Willing Griffin, sailed by David Blagden - his book 'Very Willing Griffin' is also a good read. More attention needs to be given for the elements of seaworthiness for a smaller boat than a larger one.
Alternatively well found boats with less skilled or tough, or just perhaps tired crew have foundered. I think that is important unless the people are supposed to just put up with the conditions. The hit on Roma caused water to flood two boiler rooms and the after engine room, leaving the ship to limp along with two propellers, reduced power, and arc-induced fires in the stern of the ship.
One navy vessel and two merchant ships were heading to the scene, a spokesman said, adding that the boat was still making its way south. The king took this as God's affirmative answer to the question, promptly amassed his soldiers and invaded Poland. Imagine how the boat will move if the seas are running high and there is no wind to lean on.
Most near coastal cruisers of that size, are designed for yachting breezes and are not well suited for winds of 35 - 45 or 55 knots.
Shortly thereafter, another bomb slammed into the ship which detonated within the forward engine room, causing catastrophic flooding and the explosion of the #2 main turret's magazines, throwing the turret itself into the sea. Sinking by the bow and leaning to starboard, Roma capsized and broke in two, carrying 1253, including Bergamini and the ship's captain Adone Del Cima, down with her. Adequate stability might also refer to stiffness under sail, the ability to carry sail, the ability to make useful gains to windward in gale or storm force winds.

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