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Licensed by the Chicago Park District, we are the only provider of jet skis for the Chicago beach area and offer an unparalleled way to enjoy the Windy City’s lakefront and Navy Pier. If you’d love to explore the beauty of Lake Michigan from the water, look no further than Jet Ski Chicago.
As always, our top priority is to provide just the right combination of safety and fun with our jet ski rentals. When it’s your turn to plan the next birthday party, office event, or bachelor party, opt for something different—an afternoon spent on the beach with your waverunner rental. Don’t miss out on this hot spot that offers something for everyone: volleyball, swimming, sunbathing—and of course jet skis. Remember, the best adventure is the one from the seat of a jet ski, and Jet Ski Chicago is the only jet ski rental company serving the Windy City’s beaches. For directions to Jet Ski Chicago using public transportation, use the Chicago Transit Authority and map your route. Through the spirit of hospitality, the Tidalwave employees showed us a new side to Charleston. Explore the intercoastal waterways of the South Carolina coast, on a waverunner safari tour.
From bachelor and bachelorette parties, family reunions, to a family fishing charter, Tidalwave Watersports offers both packaged eco and harbor tours as well as custom charters. Our Banana Boat rides are great fun for family get togethers, groups, or even team building events. Tubing is literrally riding and inner tube towed behind a jetski or boat, it's fun, it's fast, and everyone will love it. If you’ve always wanted to take in the city’s skyline while whizzing past the shores, get ready for the highlight of your summer. Contact us today at 312-600-8679 to learn more about our services, or book a reservation online.

This mode of transportation is the way to experience beaches near Navy Pier when you want to avoid the crowds.
When heading to popular North Ave Beach, keep in mind that parking in the area is very limited at the paid lot, so it’s best to use public transportation. Beat the traffic, enjoy the cool lake breezes, and relish the breathtaking architectural skyline views. This boat was beautiful, and wonderfully designed to comfortably fit the group that we had.
Although I have been to this coastal city many times, I have never experienced Charleston the way I did that day. Try Parasailing where you can take flight on up to 800 feet of line, go alone or bring a friend. Enjoy one of Charleston's greatest wildlife, the bottled nose dolphin, on a two hour tour through the backwaters of Grey Bay and Hamlin Sound. Who wouldn't love getting whipped around the Gulf of Mexico, with their friends and family, on a huge floating banana!
Jet Ski Chicago, LLC offers jet ski rentals, as well as party and event services at beaches in the downtown Chicago area.
Not only will you have the best view of the skyline, but you can also jump the waves in the choppy wake water or motor out to the Playpen to enjoy a smooth ride. With the combination of sun, sand, and surf, we’ll provide the fun for your boat party that won’t soon be forgotten. He was extremely helpful and quick when it came to putting on our harnesses for the parasailing, and very precise with the instructions for the ride up into the air.
Parasailing was a very scary and new concept to me, but this place made me calm and relaxed and gave me one of the most memorable and romantic moments of my life.
Feeling the spray of the warm Gulf waters as your pulled along by one of our 2008 Yamaha Waverunners!

I will never forget how small Charleston looked from 800 feet in the sky, and I will never forget how small you feel that high up.
They were well organized and safety was foremost!!Louise A, "They truly give a time to remember"My boyfriend and I took a trip to Charleston last summer before school started back. Although the boat ride could be considered a little long, the tour guide and boat driver delivered a fun atmosphere. Thank you to Tidalwave for delivering a fantastic service to everyone who utilizes their business. They played awesome music and pointed out all of the awesome landmarks we passed, including the Ravenelle Bridge and a house that had been put on the market for over 3 million dollars. Although I'm not much of a thrill enthusiast, Tidalwave delivered an awesome and fun filled time. Austin assured my that we couldn't visit Charleston without seeing it from a height of 800 feet, so I followed him to Tidalwave with a heavy heart. A show of hands revealed that 10 of the 12 were first timers, so that lessened the potential embarrassment factor. One always considers the risk factor in these kind of things but after a brief but frank offering of risks I felt very much at ease. This is very popular., "One of the greatest experiences in my life"Tidalwave Sports is incredible.

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