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That's pretty slick but I honestly do not think that will work either because there is no room whatsoever between that filter and two other spots. 2006 Odyssey 725C 25 foot with Evinrude E-Tec 115 for sale Be the talk of the lake with this beauty!!! I've been in a bit of a panic since I had the floors poured in my barns that I had somehow incorrectly measured and that my Bennie wouldn't fit inside with the top up. Some of you may remember that this was one of my primary considerations in the design, approval and build of one of the buildings as I never want to have to stow the top to get in and out of my inside storage. I eventually was able to get the City to approve a building with 14' sidewalls and I had two 13' high doors installed (with what they call low headroom rails which are 1' from the ceiling). What mounting bracket are you using?I have the bracket that mounts to the rail and hangs over side.

A There is ZERO room in between the filter and on the right side to get an oil filter wrench of any kind on it.
A My remote filters have had an adapter plate that screwed in where the filter attached, and then high pressure hoses were routed to wherever you wanted to mount the filter head.
We also bought the shore stand and use it off the boat as well.Ive been looking at grills as well so the info is good.
Another reason I don't have one, is I don't have the rear deck space and I don't really like the rail mount look.
I have a dual filter remote setup from Amsoil on my Duramax GMC dually, and I'm sure there are others available.
Whatever that black object is on the right in the first 2 photos really has it blocked and is very close to the filter body.

Always used on Freshwater Cass Lake Newly upholstered for the summer of 2013 Pontoon is in great shape.
I have a pair of odd shaped adjustable slip jointA filter pliers for some tough filters that works really good.

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