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The Miss E: A 65 foot Bonner Walk-On Boat set up for an affordable, yet once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience. Whether you are wanting to catch Sheepshead, Speckled Trout, Redfish, or Floudner we are the Alabama Gulf Coasts premier inshore fishing and guide service to make it happen.
Sheepshead fishing is pretty specialized inshore sport, and the successful system for catching the jetty-and-piling-living-striped-bait-stealers is well documented. So at the first break in the often blustery spring weather along the Georgia coast, I met Greg at a marina east of Brunswick near St. In less than 30 minutes Greg slowed the boat near the “F Reef” buoy, about nine miles offshore. In a few minutes we were holding on top of the reef, and had hooks baited with fiddler crabs in the middle of the “scope marks.” Greg was first to have a hit, and his 7-foot bait-casting rod bent double.
Sea bass must be released (ask the federal government why), but they are so abundant and aggressive on near-shore Georgia reefs now, that it’s impossible to effectively catch sheepshead unless anglers chum sea bass away from where they’re fishing for line-side fish. According to Georgia DNR marine biologists, sheepshead hold onto Brunswick area reefs until late May when water temperatures inch into the 70s, and bigger predators appear. Georgia scientists have done a lot of work with state sheepshead and they believe the species’ reef migration is related to spawning. Georgia DNR has tagged hundreds of sheepshead over the years, and have had many tags returned by anglers catching those fish. Sheepshead behavior on reefs indicate fish are actively spawning, as they circle in tight formations, according to biologists.
In other locales, sounds and bays provide spawning habitat, though some type of structure is desired, like a causeway or large dock structure. During our offshore trip we caught nearly 100 sheepshead, but kept less than a dozen, plenty fillets for a couple family meals. And on Georgia’s reefs, in spring, they are easy to come by, and they are giants by any sheepshead standard.
When a sheepshead first takes your bait on a vertical drop, you’ll feel a little tap-tap. Resist the urge to pull the trigger, and you’ll make it to the next phase of the bite.

Rest your left arm against the railing of the pier, rest your head on your left arm and situate your body almost parallel to the pier so you can look down into the water. Most importantly, this stance allows your rod to become an extension of your arm and lets you get a clear sense and feel for what the fish is doing. The stance also allows you to accomplish another very important part of the catching process: Watching the line. With patience and perseverance, you’ll soon be the angler catching fish after fish while everyone else turns green with envy. For your leader, use a 3-foot section of 20-pound monofilament and attach it to your main line with a swivel. Join us year round for the best party boat fishing in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, NY Party Boat Fishing. Deep Sea Party Boat Fishing for Striped Bass, Porgy, Ling, Cod, Sea Bass, Blackfish, Fluke and Bluefish in New York NY and New Jersey NJ Waters. This fully equipped offshore sport fishing boat is located in San Roc Cay Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Our friendly and professional captain and crew have the unparalleled experience and skills to locate the quality fish and ensure that our guests are reeling em in.   If the fish are biting in Orange Beach, Sea Hunter Charters will find them.
So when Brunswick, Ga., charter boat captain Greg Hildreth talks about spectacular offshore sheepshead action in water 40 to 80 feet deep, wise men listen. Checking his GPS, he searched wide of the buoy for a special artificial reef spot, and soon found it on his fathometer. As we fished, the current ran stronger, and holding the boat in it with a building, crossing wind was difficult. They’ve documented the inshore-offshore migration, but DNR also believes there are resident sheepshead inshore and offshore. But when it comes to finicky feeders, few fish on the planet are as difficult to dupe as big-scaled, dark-colored sheepshead.
Holding your rod in your right hand (or reversed for lefties), aim it down toward the water at a 45-degree angle.
After the fish has the bait in its mouth, it will start heading back for cover while swallowing the bait.

That’s because of the makeup of their teeth, which strangely look like those of a human’s. Before you attach the hook, slide on a 1-ounce egg sinker to help keep your bait steady in the current.
Bridges, docks, seawalls and pier pilings that are encrusted with barnacles are a good place to start.
Greg repositioned the boat several times, dropping anchor according to the way the boat swung in the breeze and tide. By the end of May, the predators start showing on the reefs again, and sheepshead move back inshore.
Some sheepshead living in regions where not many freshwater rivers flow into the sea, may spawn much closer to shore. Since you’re positioned to be looking down into the water, you can see your line start to move slightly to the left or right. But sheepshead can also be found near jetties or rock outcroppings, on the beach or on the edges of sandbars. Another 20-inch sheepshead was tagged on a reef, then recaptured on the same reef 408 days later. If you weren’t looking, you might never know it is time to set the hook because the pressure from the fish is very light.
And that’s the main reason sheepshead have a notorious reputation for being bait thieves. Simply jerk your right arm upward and keep pulling so the fish can’t get back into cover and break your leader.
This allows the egg sinker to come down closer to the hook and anchor your bait in the water without hindering a hookset. If you are fishing where there isn’t much current, you can easily get away with just using the splitshot and not the egg sinker.

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