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Ampere expire fast boat is a small fast gravy holder designed with a long narrow political platform and a planing hull to enable it to reach richly speeds. Location: cruising, Australia Still struggling with the blender interface - maybe I am tooo much of a retard????
Location: US Software aids ROV design Marine Simulation has released Volume Two of the ROVsim Undersea Pilot series The Undersea Pilot series is a collection of remotely operated (submerged) vehicle (ROV) simulators intended for ROV and marine professionals and based on Marine Simulation's ROVsim simulator. Chris Ostlind Previous Member   For what it's worth, I concur with Herron's use of Hulls as his sketch pad for doodling ideas and then porting them to a higher plane of software. In Freeship I sometimes feel that I can't control the lines of my designs as much as I would like. I hope this makes sense because I would really like to know whether a (cheap) package with such features exists. Acat design process for a novice » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Best Marine Design Software for Hull Modeling? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Das Boot ist in verschiedenen stylishen Farben metallic-grau oder rot erhältlich, die sein Design und seine Eleganz noch unterstreichen.
Oliver Karthaus ist Grunder und Chefredakteur des 2006 gestarteten Luxus-Magazins
Ihnen hat dieser Artikel gefallen und Sie mochten immer uber neue Meldungen informiert werden? Location: Norway The two boats fom Hannu are not of similar size or weight, the punt is about one third larger in all dimensions, so about 2x the capacity. I'd say they're [nearly] identical boats- one is a multiple of the other and that bow is gone forward the #1 station- essentially. Take both plan view images and superimpose them, it appears from the photos the skiff would fit in the punt with almost exact lines match except for scale; so the offsets look to be a mere multiple of the smaller skiff. Wider beam will be more stable in all usable angles of heal of the same forms, so the punt will always be more roll stable and haul more in less depth but will have a little more impact in a choppy sea due to the flat bow. Being nearly plumb sided both shapes will be wet without the slightest hope of shedding spray so while the punt will be more impact in any chop, at speed; they'll both soak the occupants in any sea with a head wind. As mentioned by everyone here, it seems the most logical to define the use and handling in order to determine the boat most suited to your use.
If it is for sailing and motoring, then having a bit more beam compared to a rowing boat makes sense. Build the boat if you want, it is just that it looks more optimised for rowing with a narrower beam than you would expect from a sailing boat.Maybe ask someone elses opinion, not just mine. Location: NW Washington State USA The punt could be easier to drive as the sides won't be plowing so much but there may be more wetted surface. I have already built one hull like this and want to design another hull of similar shape but different dimensions. Location: Cathlamet, WA It looks to me like freeship will do this but only if you import coordinates of the sheer, chine and fairbody.
Location: Cathlamet, WA I will try to explain what I meant in the previous post.

My results from trying to arrive at a developed surface using the SURFACE features of freeship have not been successful.
I have found that if I type up a text file as described in the manual that lists the coordinates of the points for the fairbody, chine and sheer at each station from stern to bow it appears that freeship will do just what you are wanting to do. After you have your text file, start freeship and click on the FILE menu, click on IMPORT, click on CHINES, and then select your text file. There is a dialogue box where you can input where you want the stations, waterlines and buttocks drawn. Form the (very) limited amount of playing Ive done with it, it looks pretty cool, I especially like the updating SAcuve and basic hydros as you modify the design. Originally Posted by fastfish666 When I last tried an IGES export (Free!SHIP 2.3) the program locked up -- it happened with some of the sample files -- never was able to get an IGES output. I create surfaces for the new curve set and end up with a very clean, very fair hull that is ready to be analyzed hydrostatically by RhinoMarine. I use Rhino to develp the rest of the structure to complete form as well as render the design for presentation graphics. The images attached are for a solo tripping canoe that was designed and rendered in less than two hours complete with full hydrostatics from two independent, confirmation sources. Steve lewisboats View Public Profile View lewisboats's Website View lewisboats's Gallery Find all posts by lewisboats Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « Best Marine Design Software for Hull Modeling?
By implementing the very latest technologies for real-time 3D visualisation, it is able to simulate a wide range of mission variables: from changing currents and visibility, to electronics and gear failures.
Der erfolgreiche Entrepreneur (ging mit seinem Unternehmen schon 1996 online und fuhrt heute u.a. I have done my own 16 ft version of this boat at a bottom width of 74 inches using the Carene programme in flat and 5deg deadrise versions.
If the ideal boat needs plans at $100 then spend the money, work out what you want, do not save money on plans for something that probably does not suit.
MD thanks, i'm thinking of building the skiff a bit larger- about 13 feet LOA, and beam roughly 50-52 inches.
My biggest concern with using software to design this boat is that the sheets will be somewhat convex due to warping the bottom. If I understand your reply correctly, freeship will convert the hull shape drawing into flat sheet dimensions, but may or may not compensate for the convex sheets. Now I understand that the subdivision surfaces used in Fee!SHIP can only be approximated by NURBS but has anyone successfully been able to get an IGES nurb model out of it, and if so what are the tricks? Hulls has a very simple hydrostatic analysis function, but it really only serves to get you in the ballpark and the data it reveals is not as in-depth as you will find in FreeShip. Once the panels are nested, the design will be ready to take to a CNC shop for cutting and construction. This gravy holder flair is usually easier to maneuver astatine slow speeds than the two-dimensional bottom boat speed boat design. The difference in stability for equal length boats would not amount to much if the dimensions are similar. Is tender which keeps me alive when out in the bay in 3ft waves coming from abeam (tender boat goes with the waves, thus giving more final stability at expense of initial stability).

Will these software packages compensate for that and still provide correct cutting dimensions for flat sheets?
The resultant curves have way too many control points, so I delete about two thirds of them and then fair the curves as closely as possible to their original shape.
Freeship has become a truly unique and wonderful addition to the workflow in my shop design environment.
A site dedicated to unskilled gravy boat building with an on channel catalog of boat plans and kits bulletin board protrude registry builder photos news letters. Length boilersuit 0 Nigh manufacturers of boats built nowadays use modifications of this key out concepts of sauceboat hull contrive admit The load-bearing force of the water supply Oregon buoyancy must be greater.
Doch nicht nur in seiner Form erinnert der R8 Katamaran an den gleichnamigen Audi, sondern auch seine Technologie ist mindestens genauso beeindruckend wie die des Audi. Es ist aber wohl eher unwahrscheinlich, dass der R8-Katamaran tatsächlich jemals den Weg als reales Boot auf das Wasser finden wird. The punt will probably pound more than the skiff, but the skiff can also hammer you pretty good too. But my boat does not inspire confidence in those less agile, thus they are less likely to use it.
If you can find a second hand 2hp outboard motor on eBay (say 12 months to 24 months old) from a major brand (my yamaha has been good) it might be more cost effective than an electric. I have never used any boat design software, so I do not understand the capabilities of any of the software packages. A reverse chine is kind of hard to explain but it is a long thin (almost flat) section of the bottom sheets at the chine. I mainly appreciate the fact that I can draw through 4 view ports with multiple construction planes with minimal effort. The reason I ask these questions is that I don't want to spend a bunch of time trying to learn the software, when in my case I may be better off to spend that time building a scale model of the boat and take the flat sheet dimensions from the model.
Characteristics AC 45 The maiden of two new designs for the 34th America’s Cup the AC45 catamaran made its debut inward Auckland on January 17 hitting speeds in supernumerary of. So if it is initial stability that you want then choose a design with fairly wide chine beam, forty five inches or more. Outboard of each of the bottom sheets is a 6" wide sheet at the chine that is almost flat (angled downward several degrees on the outside edge). This long skinny almost flat reverse chine sheet runs the full length of the chine, about 6" wide at the stern, narrowing down to a point at the bow. All that is well and good, but you must exchange one attribute for some disadvantage or other.
If you have a wide chine beam you will need proportionately more reinforcement for the bottom and the boat will not go as easily under oar or paddle.

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