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Legend Boat Builders has created a niche in the Aluminium boat building market, in vessels under 25-metres covering industries in commercial boats, fishing boats, work boats, boats for the off shore oil industry and charter boats. Since its inception in 1993, Legend vessels continue to display excellence in design and performance, together with the finest quality Aluminium construction. With total focus on a comprehensive service all Legend products are highly sought after by professionals across the marine industry. Legend has vessels operating in most mainland states and Tasmania, and has developed a strong New Zealand-based clientele proudly introduced to the company through personal recommendation. With a focus on Trust, Quality and Service Legend Boat Builders produce boats different to any other.
Each patrol vessel is designed and built to rigid specifications depending upon its intended use. It is essential that rescue vessels are safer and stronger than the craft they are rescuing and they need to weather the harsh conditions and travel as fast and direct as possible. A tender is a vessel used to transport personnel to and from the mother craft and are usually built to strict specifications to suit the mother craft.
Recreational vessels are built to specific requirements, depending upon the very specific needs of the owner.
Established in 1988, Kirby Marine has drawn on its expertise in the structural, architectural and marine fabrication of aluminium to expand into the construction of customised commercial and pleasure craft for a diverse section of the boat building industry - both locally and internationally.

At a time when RIBs were exotic rarities, Kirby Marine adopted the Naiad range of basic designs and virtually created the Australian market for commercial RIBs. Kirby Marine's services include high quality interior and exterior refits and refurbishments - from simple refurbishments to complete refits. Another recent refurbishments was the 6.8m 'RV Upton' for Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group.
The first ever Naiad built by us, 6.8m 'Spare Rib' did the rounds as a fill in vessel for FESA Volunteer Marine Rescue WA, travelling up and down the coastline to various groups when in need.
Our modern, well-equipped workshop is located in Western Australia's Henderson Marine Precinct (15 minutes south of Fremantle). Elite Marine Australia Located in the Australian Marine Complex (AMC) in Henderson.
With a co-operative work force and a friendly relaxed atmosphere Legend achieve excellent boats with a quality service.
In an on-going effort to improve its products, Kirby Marine continually strives to develop new designs and manufacturing methods, resulting in the highest levels of quality and innovation that can only come from custom manufacturing.
Although many small builders and importers have now moved into the market, Kirby Naiads are regarded as the benchmark. A recent example was the rebirth of the 10m 'Jaimee Lee' who had been in service for 6 years as a WA Police patrol vessel.

When she came back to us as a trade-in, we took to her and performed a facelift - 2012 6.8m 'Spare Rib'. Our shed is large- with any needed ancillary services available-and geared to build aluminium vessels ranging from 5 to 40 metres. We have developed our product through continual feedback and dialogue with past and present customers. We undertook a rebirthing and refurbishing project to modify the 10m to be serviceable and fitted out for a dedicated sea rescue vessel for Rockingham VMR.
Our association and support from a variety of contractors and support businesses enables us to respond to our customers' needs and wish lists. With every vessel, we look at ways to further streamline the construction process and endeavour at every mission to set a high standard of quality for Australian products.

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