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Admiral Boat Manufacturers near Cape Town, South Africa is one of the best-known specialist-built catamaran manufacturers in the Southern Hemisphere, where approximately 70% of production is for international export markets.
Located in the suburb of Atlantis, a few miles outside of Cape Town, South Africa, it is the home to the Admiral Team.
Cape Town has grown into a global centre of excellence for boat manufacturers, and a number of the world's leading boat builders are located on the Atlantic Coasts in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Our production line processes improve quality and keep prices down while allowing for a degree of customisation.
It was the three highly impressive Honda-powered offshore boats on the Honda Marine stand, namely the Glacier Bay 2780, the new Raptor 660 and Fairide Marine’s Ocean Pro 24, together with 6 Honda-powered Linder aluminium boats (3 of which were sold at the show) that grabbed much of the limelight and attention at the Cape Town International Boat Show. With set up for the Cape Town International Boat Show starting already on Wednesday 02 October, Gearhouse (local stand builders) had to rig the overhead banners and spotlights from the ceiling of the Convention Centre before the boats arrived on the Thursday. As mentioned the line-up of boats was heavily in favour of the offshore buyer with the Glacier Bay 2780 grabbing the most attention from the crowds visiting the show, and at 1.5m above the ground it’s not hard to understand, a truly impressive boat she is. Unfortunately the feet through the door on Friday were few and far between, but those that did come through were certainly serious about buying a boat. The Honda Dream Team were once again a huge hit with all visitors to the Honda Marine stand and worked hard on getting the newsletter subscriptions filled in for the well-supported Honda generator competition.
All in all perhaps not the volume of numbers attending in Cape Town as was the case at the Durban Boat Show, and particularly the Johannesburg Boat Show, but certainly many serious buyers with regional Honda Marine dealers now following up on post-show demonstrations and Honda outboard engine orders. Mr Brian Pyle taking delivery of his Honda EP4000 CX generator from Andre Bloemhoff of Honda Marine Somerset West. Mr Norman Pelman, another winner in the lucky draw, also taking delivery of his Honda EP4000 CX generator from Mandie Lilford customer liaison officer at Honda Marine Somerset West.
Originally featured in one of the classic books of yacht design, the Pipedream 37 is a boat can often be found juxtaposing fine Sparkman and Stephens pedigree with the romance and trials of home-built boat projects in far flung places throughout the world. There is generous space in the cockpit, it’s fully capable of accommodating a large crew count for daysails, ten at a stretch. Despite the age of the design, the boat is no laggard; surprising given its relatively short LWL and increased wetted area of its modified full keel and classic wine shape sections. Few examples are available on the market and construction varies with the custom build nature of this boat.
Add your stories, experiences, tidbits, updated information - whatever you think is useful to others. She is a delight to sail, with a balanced helm, great power from her strong sailplan, and surprising speed once she heels 10 to 15 degrees and her waterline is extended forward and aft.
The Pipedream and Narada turns heads wherever they go and we are always answering people’s questions about her design, origins, etc.
If you have further information regarding this boat or photos to share, please comment here or contact me. Bought by the present owners while in the Caribbean she was used as a cruising home in the tropics before being sailed back to the UK in 2012. The entire hull was shot blasted when new and painted with International epoxy paint which has preserved it extremely well.  The topsides were repainted in black Jotun in 2014. Built in South Africa in 1997 to Norske Veritas standard from 5mm welded steel plate.  Angle bar frames at approximately 100cm centres with 40x40x6mm angle longitudinal stringers.

Pair of oiled teak skylights just forward of the dog house give light and ventilation to the galley and double cabin. Large flush teak hatch on the centreline just aft of the main mast was originally installed with a view to carrying cargo. Galvanised standing rigging with rigging screws to chain plates welded into the deck.  The main mast has twin lower shrouds to the hounds with a single cap shroud to the main mast head and a single cap shroud over the spreaders to the top mast. Staysail is self tacking for ease of handling, it is simply left to its own devices when tacking upwind.
The engine is fresh water cooled with a keel cooling system meaning there is no heat exchanger or salt water pumping systems to contend with.
Oil filters, oil coolers and fuel filters are all well placed to make them easily accessible, full access all around the engine and well designed systems make this a very good installation. The accommodation is very spacious for a boat of her length and offers several separate sleeping cabins. Steps down from the companionway into the dog house with a large double to port extending under the side deck.  Table to starboard which doubles as a chart desk with all the navigation equipment to port at the forward end of the dog house. Passageway in aft port corner gives access to the stern which has a large storage area under the cockpit and also the potential for another berth if required.  Access hatches at the aft of the cockpit into the lazarette lockers. Centreline steps down from the dog house into the saloon with the galley to port and a door giving access to a double cabin to starboard. The galley has more than sufficient storage with cupboards under the deck head and lockers below.
The main heads compartment to starboard opposite the galley has a Blakes Lavac sea toilet and a shower with a stainless tray and a teak grating.  The side board is tiled with a handmade porcelain sink.
The second heads forward is purely for the guest cabin and has a Jabsco sea toilet with a stainless hand basin.
About usThe South African Boatbuilders Export Council, SABBEX, is a national export council.
The council is a major contributor to establishing South Africa as a globally competitive boatbuilding export country, with sustainable export growth within the dti framework.
A acclimated Rolex can be purchased from an alone as able-bodied as not acceptable online retail store. As the day progressed the boats soon started to arrive from as far afield as Durban and Johannesburg. As one can imagine the Saturday’s rugby game between the Springboks and the All Blacks saw the show coming to a standstill at about 3pm. The two lucky winners on the Sunday were Mr Brian Pyle and Mr Norman Pelman who both won Honda EP4000 CX generators which they duly collected from Honda Marine Somerset West following the show. Brian visited the Honda Marine stand at the Cape Town Boat Show and completed a Newsletter subscription form and was ecstatic on receiving the news that for the first time ever in his life he had won something in a lucky draw. Despite being relatively well known through the book, relatively few examples of the boat were produced, the boat never made it into large scale production. It features a cutaway keel and rudder combination, though slower than modern separate fin and rudder designs, for the conservative minded cruiser it offers excellent tracking and structural integrity. What is sacrificed is interior volume below deck which may be limiting for those planning extended blue water passages.

The boat is exceptionally well balanced with finger-on-tiller tracking and a responsive helm, owners comment on her being a fun boat to sail.
The launch took place in February in Cape Town’s commercial harbour, in the presence of the proud owner and his family.
Catamaran building company "Celtic" based in South Africa that has kept and developing luxury, sleek profile and fast catamarans - was first held by Admiral Yachts. If you are cerebration for a accomplished new archetypal admitting a basal prices you will never accept it rolex replica from an clearly accustomed shop. Not to worry though because Sunday was a humdinger, and the team was stretched to address everyone’s questions and enquiries. Kinney (1915-1993) penned this unmistakably classic cruising sloop in 1960 while working in the offices of Sparkman and Stephens.
Most examples of this boat are from custom builds in wood from the original design plans featured in the book.
She has a tendency to heel early which lengthens her waterline, and once heeled she moves briskly. Beautifully built by Vaudrey Boatbuilders, Auckland, New Zealand in 1982 and shipped to the UK in 1986. The large double berth in this cabin extends cleverly under the dog house sole to gain more space. This includes four berths in the main saloon via settee and pilot berths, and in the V-berth are two singles; bear in mind layouts will vary between boats as many boats have been customized. In light winds of 10 knots, the boat can comfortably make 4-6 knots at most points of sail depending on sea conditions.
After club racing under her original owners for her first two years, she was sold to a fellow club member of Frank Kinney’s for cruising and occasional racing. Lady G will be officially presented as a world premiere during 2015 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. However, because that replica handbags a additional duke Rolex is additionally admired lots of money you accept to accomplish a top cleft attending up thereby authoritative abiding you will rolex replica uk adore advice from an experts.
In stronger winds, given the relatively short waterline length measured by todays standards, 7.5 knots is generally the upper speed limit outside of surfing under spinnaker.
Like most Sparkman and Stephen designs of its era, the ride is quite wet, and in a strong breeze the low freeboard means often the gunnels will be below the water.
He had her for about ten years, cruising her summers from Cold Spring Harbor to Islesboro, Maine each year.
There is a some amount of hobby horsing in the rough, common to full keel boats of this configuration. He sold her to a Puget Sound Marine Pilot who changed her name back to Southerly and had her trucked out west.

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