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Join Kevin Penny and Paul Tingley, co-chairs of Sailable Association of Nova Scotia for a fascinating look at accessibility, challenges and sail training. They run their program at the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron during the months of June, July, and August, typically employing 2 instructors and offering 4 lessons per day which last about 2.5 hours each.
Come for an hour or stay for the day.  The choice is yours with a Nova Scotia Museum Annual Pass. The presence of others, even many others, who are different from me does not require me to abandon what I hold dear.
Only lived there for a year, it was a hard adjustment for me as a kid who lived in a busy city to a place with 250 max. Even though I'm vegetarian I'm not going to free the lobsters and spray paint my relatives.

The organization provides sailing opportunities for persons with disabilities, either those who sail recreationally or people who are learning to sail.
Currently, they have approximately 40 members and that number has been increasing each year. In August of 2013, Sailable hosted the Mobility Cup which is an international Regatta for persons with disabilities.
Whoa, I work at a stem cell research lab and I bet all the kids I went to school left the place and working at some mill or mine lol.
Approximately 40 sailors from Canada, United States, and Australia competed in this annual event. In August of 2014, the International Federation of Disabled Sailing (IFDS) will be coming to Halifax Nova Scotia.

Our history is the story of citizens who struggle with the different layers of their identities, and somehow manage to reconcile their overlapping commitments. As well, adaptive technology can be installed on the boat that allows individuals with limited mobility, the ability to sail the boat independently using a joystick control or sip and puff system. Sailors from all over the world will be coming to Halifax competing in the 3 Paralympic sailing classes.

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