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When humans first migrated from Africa, 70,000 years ago, some settled on the lush Kerala coast. Later Greek and Roman traders made their way to the coast, calling at the port of Muziris, the most important of 20 ports on the west coast of India. Despite Kerala's willingness to embrace foreign cultures, it is also a deeply traditional place, home to some of the oldest human rituals, unbroken 5000-year-old traditions of classical learning ranging from theology to boat building to medicine to the fine arts. The Periplus, a Greek merchant's guide to the Indian trade from the 1st century CE notes twenty major ports on India's west coast.
However, despite all written evidence, the exact location of Muziris remained unclear until recently, because rivers alter courses over time, and in Kerala the coastline is particularly changeable. Although a tiny minority in modern India, Jews have a long history on the subcontinent, and in fact, it is home to several distinct Jewish communities. The first to arrive, possibly in the last centuries BCE, were the Jews who settled in Cochin (now called Kochi), in south India. Without exception, all Jewish communities have been accepted and assimilated into Indian society. In 1498, Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrived in Calicut, on the southwest coast of India, and became the first person to navigate a sea route from Europe to India, forever changing the world economy.
Da Gama would return to India two more times—in 1502 to violently avenge the deaths of Portuguese traders by bombarding Calicut, and as viceroy in 1524 to correct corruption among Portuguese authorities.
In South India along Kerala coast, trade with Arabs, Africans, the Roman empire and perhaps the Greeks, were routine in the middle ages. But the art of wooden boat building is experiencing a renaissance as the boats, made of teak, are good value for money and last for 40 to 50 years.
Given this old tradition of ship and boat building in South Asia, it is no small irony that India is also home to Alang, a ship graveyard, the largest ship breaking and recycling center in the world. How has the treatment of Jews in India been different from the treatment of Jews in other places in the world?
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Invites you to a slow motion pleasure hunt in a heaven of peace and tranquility away from the dins and bustles of towns and cities - the blue lagoons of Kerala's backwaters a heaven-sent opportunity to feed your wonder lust, go, seek and find - the scenic beauty, rural retreats, canals, lakes, coconut grooves, paddy fields, village life, churches, temples, fishing, rowing, swimming, bird watching etca€¦and as one duration of boat-hire ends what remains is handful of lifelong memory quite different from any other holiday. At Inhabitat we’ve brought you some terrific examples of recycled aircraft here, here, here and here.
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Arab and African ships also came to trade along a coast which was rich in spices, then as now, especially pepper. Well before Yoga and ayurvedic medicine became popular in the West, a highly developed school of traditional healing remained a mainstay of Kerala culture—it now attracts visitors looking for alternatives to modern western medicine. Muziris, the Graeco-Roman pronounciation of Muchiripattanam, was apparently the most important. Although their arrival in India is something of a mystery (some claim to have arrived in India in the 2nd century BCE), members of this community adopted the occupation of oil pressing and became known as "shanwar telis" or "Sabbath-observing oilmen" because they didn't work on the Sabbath. In fact, Indians tend to take pride in the fact that Jews in India have rarely had to deal with anti-Semitism from either Hindus or Muslims. Neither da Gama's proffered gifts nor his behavior (the Portuguese mistook the Hindus for Christians) impressed Calicut's leader, Saamoothirippadu (or Zamorin), and he refused to sign a trade treaty with the explorer.
The oldest tradition of boat building in the subcontinent, and perhaps the world, dates back to the Bronze Age civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro. Called urus, the boats are built by craftsmen who learn the trade from their fathers—there are no plans, nothing is written down, or shared with outsiders.
Ship breaking is a controversial and dangerous salvage operation that has been heavily criticized by human rights advocates, where workers dismantle aging ships with rudimentary tools and almost no protection against hazardous materials and accidents. These objects were designed to be thrown away but they must now be revisited with an eye toward reuse, recycling or recombination. I can see how SketchUp Pro with the bundled presentation building software, Google Layout, would be a real time saver and would really improve the final output.
It is mentioned in papyrus contracts dating back to the 2nd century CE in the West, and is recorded in Tamil poetry of that time.
Coins of Roman emperors Nero and Tiberius have been found, along with Roman amphorae and Mediterranean glass ornaments.
They were physically and linguistically indistinguishable to outsiders from the local population but had their own traditions, observed the Sabbath, circumcised their sons, and performed other rituals associated with Judaism. However, da Gama's successful voyage established Lisbon as the center of Europe's spice trade, a position Portugal would dominate for almost a century.

Lothal, located in the current-day Indian state of Gujarat, may have been the site of one of the world's earliest dockyards. Calculations and the math involved are done between teacher and apprentice, on the job, and worked out as the boat takes shape.
The benefits of this are two-fold: less consumption of natural resources during the manufacturing of something new, and less garbage in our landfills. They have been modified from kettuvallams which were used in the past to carry goods in the canals of kerala. It was the first stop for ships on the direct route from the Red Sea and became a home away from home for many traders. London who then spent the next four years transforming it into an exotic houseboat that has been featured everywhere from CNN to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! And even today it is the custom in southern Indian weddings to give the bride a necklace of small coins.
India is also the only place in the world where Jews are comfortable with using Swastikas in their signs—because it's an ancient Hindu symbol and has none of the negative connotations that is found in the West. Their way of boat building nearly died out in the 1980s with the huge expatriate movement to the Middle East.
I have sent it along to my uncle for review.Regarding the bed… have you planned some kind of flip-down wall-storage or something? I know you said that you left hardware information out of your design so far but one thing that you might want to add that can be wood is some plywood gussets at the peak of your roof rafters. I really like your design, but I’m wondering, for people who are building somewhere other than where the house will end up, can a house this tall be transported? Here in Florida, the shed people have to keep their roofs heights low, because the law limits to overall transport height on the road.
An interesting modification would be a collapsible peak, that could be folded for moving, and popped up on site.
In other words constructive critique is welcome, destructive mean-spirited judgements are not permitted.

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