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Sing Core supports lumber yards and increasingly invites more sheet good suppliers to locally carry our stock engineered plywood known as Sing Sandwich panels that outperform lightweight plywood, OSB, structural composite lumber and foam board. Sing Sandwich panels are the most versatile Sing product, handled just like any other sheet of plywood, is one-quarter the weight and 20-times the strength of plywood. Our marketing program will drive trade business and retail customers to your store locations. Standard thicknesses of Sing Sandwich panels come in 1 inch and 1.52 inch thick 4’x8’ sheets. All Sing Sandwich panels come with the patented Sing foam-reinforced vertical grain wood torsion box core that yields a panel that is stronger than steel pound for pound.
A wide variety of consumers seek out sheet good suppliers in search of Sing products to build doors, tiny houses, furniture and many different applications.

Click Here for more information about getting Sing products locally saving you time and money.
Note: Sing Core panels are not available for retail via this site and are only available from sheet goods suppliers or lumber yards. Sing Sliding Doors are light as a feather, solid as a rock and stronger than steel pound for pound.
SingCore provides to companies that supplies for clients including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, the Pope and everyone in the whole world.
Sing Core is the most Eco-friendly structural and non structural material ever invented, if you consider that it is extremely lightweight, super high-strength and earth-friendly (made of renewable structure material and requires less energy to manufacture).
The hull is removed from the moulds, and transverse steamed timbers (ribs) are fastened into place, then gunwale structure, internal stringers, and other structural items.

Clinker boats can be built without transverse frame moulds, cutting each pair of planks from its template.
Common upgrade options include Marine Grade plywood on one (AC) or both (AA) sides and can be custom ordered in nearly any exterior surface material.
This is one panel that is 32 feet long and 4' wide to build a fold up room dividing door for a high end hotel.
This is normally worthwhile only for series production, and is unlikely to be of use to the home builder.

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