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Visit our Decking Materials page for more information on the types of decking materials available.
Dock Masters is proud to be an authorized dealer for Alumadock®; one of the finest aluminum docks made in America.
No other aluminum dock on the market can compete with our aluminum floating dock strength which is designed and structurally engineered for a lifetime of use. Alumadock truly revolutionized the dock building industry with their custom, lightweight gangways. Dock Masters offers Commercial Aluminum Dock Systems and slips for marinas and community docks.
Every dock is designed after much discussion with you, our client, based on your lake front lifestyle. Bluewater Supply is a premier marine distributor and marine product supply, with a wide range of composites, paint, electrical products, and building materials. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional boat builder with ongoing projects that need to be finished on time, you can depend on Blue Water Supply.
Marine paints, including long lasting bottom paints and specially formulated antifouling paint that reduces and prevents the adherence of fresh- and salt-water organisms while protecting the environment. Composite reinforcement materials and composite construction materials, as well as resins and accessories, core materials, and insulation.
Electrical supplies and wiring such as lighting, cabling, ground fault receptacles, weather-proof lift covers, ignition and battery selector switches, and much, much more. Safety equipment plus tools and accessories for sanding, painting, masking, and repairing your boat. Actually, you have one great advantage that we, so blissfully ignorant about metalwork and boatbuilding as we were at the start, only wish we had at the time. If you can, get the plates for the boat hull you intend to build CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled; sometimes called simply NC) pre-cut. Higher elasticity than steel, yielding strength (at which it deforms permanently) about 35,000 psi, and about 45,000 psi to tear it apart. Higher elasticity than steel (it takes nearly 20% stronger impact to bend out of shape), but about 25% lower breaking strength.
Because of its lightness, beamier aluminum boats with shallow draft tend to pitch and roll more than steel ones.
Very solid strength and flexibility that prevents easy denting (see aluminum marine grades 5xxx and 6xxx for details). Except for the more expensive welding gear required (see "disadvantages" below), only very basic wood-working tools are sufficient.
Take the Platypus example: As you can verify on the pictures, the boat looks absolutely great as is. Whatever is your choice of material for the hull of your boat, aluminum or steel, you will require specific tools.
Some have no problem at all picking out model building materials, while others really struggle and don't know where to begin.
The main purpose for the list of model building materials is to throw around some ideas and opinions in case you're not sure what to use.Sometimes it may be a good idea to just test a material and see if you like it.

Metal is one of the most important model boat materials, especially in mechanical components in working models, and where fine details can't be reproduced in any other material.
Paper, Card stock, Fiber Board, and Bristol board are all pulp and paper based model building materials.
When we began dock construction more than two decades ago, other manufacturers were using steel and wood to build their boat docks. Research and experience convinced us that aluminum was the best material for dock construction, and more than 20 years later, our boat docks are still proving us right. Join our thousands of satisfied customers who, like us, believe that aluminum is the only choice for top-quality dock construction. Quality dock design is the product of skill, experience, and the commitment to exceed every expectation. Our designers and engineers pour decades of Flotation Systems expertise into the essential elements of each dock. Each dock and pier is fabricated and pre-assembled by a team of professionals who have made aluminum dock construction their life’s work.
These dedicated craftsmen assemble every Flotation Systems aluminum pier and dock in our own Alabama facility under strict quality standards. And from wavelength calculations, to material checks, to preparation and loading, our in-house quality control is second to none. Extruded corner frame maximizes use of the 10” E-channel while allowing larger surface area of weld. We have a wide variety of dock systems and virtually any dock accessory that you need to meet your marina or community dock needs from safety to convenience. We take into consideration water depths, cove widths, view corridors, contour of the land, terrain, size and number of water crafts to be housed at the dock, covered and uncovered boat slips and seating areas. We carry product lines from a variety of manufacturers, and are proud to serve as a service-oriented partner providing reduced costs and innovative solutions. We provide the best quality brands and overall selection in boat building materials as well as a reliable just-in-time inventory of products. Contact Blue Water Supply now for more information on our complete line of boat building materials. One simply could not know less about boatbuilding and working with metal than we did at the beginning. We very successfully built our Platypus, one of the finest boats in its class that you have ever seen.
Also, beamier flat-bottomed designs may benefit from the extra weight, as the heavier hull would generally pitch and roll less. Aluminum actually oxidizes quickly, but the process stops at the surface, as the outer layer of "rust" protects the inside. Due to the extra weight, wide flat-bottomed hulls in steel will exhibit a more seakindly behavior with less pitch and roll than the same hulls in aluminum. The type of the hull design and the intended use of the boat are strong factors in the selection of the material for the hull. It is one of the most important decisions to make at the start of your boatbuilding project (or before you buy a boat).

Wood is probably the most common, but plastic card, fiberglass, metal and cardboard have their place too. The list presented here is a mix of materials I like to use for my model boats.Regardless of your preferences, you always have to consider what tools and work area you have available. Different woods have different properties - not only the superficial such as color and texture, but also when it comes to stability, stiffness and strength.
It can be used in combination with a resin on the outside of a wooden strip planked hull to seal and stiffen it.
It requires that a positive pattern (also called a "plug") be made first.After the pattern is properly finished and treated with release agent, a negative mold is made from the "plug". Messing with polyester resin is smelly and you have to have the appropriate facility to handle it, or work outside. Its only natural that kit builders who wants to extend kit bashing or scratch building choose styrene. This type of tissue paper has been used for centuries for sealing, and dealing, with the 'fuzz' that you'll see when sanding balsa wood.Instead of pore-filling and the tedious back and fourth with applying sealer and sanding you can simply lay the tissue flat over the balsa and apply 'dope' over it. If you are looking for model building materials to carve for a large model boat, this may be the ticket. We hand-craft all of our fixed and floating docks from strong, corrosion-resistant aluminum. Each Flotation Systems design reflects these virtues down to the smallest structural detail. From careful calculation of loads and stresses to ingenious solutions that enhance function, no element is overlooked. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
We also consider the Shoreline Management Plan for the Lake as well as other restrictions such as HOA, County and Municipality guidelines.
With over 35 years as a marine distributor, Bluewater Supply is North Carolina's leading supplier of marine products.
It can be a challenge to finish a big project with model building materials you don't like to work with. This mold now looks like a tub.After the mold is cleaned up and again prepped with release agents, hulls can be made from the mold - one after another. The good news is this stuff is cheap.Epoxy on the other hand has very little odor, but is considerably more expensive. This material is most common for static display models, but is also favored by some RC boat builders and professionals.
If you are thinking of building serious competition models where every gram counts, this is what you need.

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