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If you want to build a lightweight, rugged, and beautiful small boat, combining thin strips of wood with epoxy and fiberglass will make a cartoppable, low-maintenance, and gorgeous vessel. In this six-day course, students will explore this method of construction while building two very different boat designs created by Nick. Students will gain experience in a wide variety of techniques involved in this modern boatbuilding process.
Day One will have students fairing up the forms, shaping the inner stems, fabricating the kayak coaming and canoe backrest, and getting a start on the planking. Throughout this course, Nick will take time to discuss the many variations on the strip-building process that students can use on their own boatbuilding projects. Mystic Powerboats in DeLand, Fla., has started tooling its first 40-foot catamaran, a project that is more than three years in the making. The new plugs for the tooling are being CNC-milled at Vectorworks Marine in Titusville Fla., and Mystic will build the molds in house.
This image of the developing hull plug for the 40-footer was taken at Vectorworks Marine yesterday. Two of the buyers currently own 50-foot Mystic cats and are well known in the go-fast boat community.
Using graphics created by Thomas Kulesia, III of No Coast Design, Mystic will paint Szolack’s Mystic C4000S in house. Tom Borisch, who sold his old piston-powered Mystic 50-footer to Szolack before buying the former JBS Racing turbine-powered 50-foot Mystic for poker runs (read the story), has ordered the first canopied 4000RS.
While Chris Mills of Boat Customs will handle graphics for Borisch's 40-footer called Game Changer, Mystic will take care of the graphics—based on a design from Thomas Kulesia, III, of No Coast Design—for Szolack's cat. Likely to make an immediate impact on the offshore racing circuit, the first 4000R will go to a well-known team that, at this point, wants to keep its name out of the media.
Cosker's initial plan was to modify the tooling of his existing 50-footer to create a smaller version of it. The R and RS models will have the same canopy as the 200-plus-mph Mystic C5000R with a full carbon fiber and Kevlar roll cage and 1-inch-thick laminated windshields.
More than three years in the making, the C4000 Series of 40-foot Mystic catamarans will start production in March 2014.

All C4000 catamarans will be built the same way, which means with carbon infused with epoxy.
Mystic will work with Composites Consulting Group in DeSoto, Texas, to set up the infusion process—the company will handle all of the flow models and setup specifications to infuse the hulls, decks and the liners on the pleasure boats. According to Cosker, the C4000 will be a highly engineered boat created using Solidworks CAD software. Discussion topics include wood types and sources, books and periodicals, and necessary tools.
In the August course students will build the Mystic River Tandem canoe and the microBootlegger recreational kayak.
Strip-planking small boats uses thin cedar strips reinforced inside and out with fiberglass and epoxy. Tuesday will have us continuing with planking, installing stems, and working on hatches and gunwales.
After a week of fine craftsmanship and fun, we’ll step back to admire two stunning boats that will raffled off to two lucky students. Ron Szolack of "Flight Club" go-fast boat fame (read the story) is getting the first open-canopied 4000S, which likely will be powered by twin 700-hp engines from Mercury Racing. Mark Bishop of Waterfront Composite Solutions in Davidson, Md., which handles structural engineering for Mystic, currently is working on a final lamination schedule. Gain hands-on experience in nearly every phase of construction of a traditional plank-on-frame, smooth or lapstrake-planked boat. These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a cedar strip canoe. Starting in Old Mystic it runs through the pretty seaport town of Mystic, home to the Mystic Seaport Museum, out to Fishers Island Sound. He has written two of the standard texts on the subject, Building Strip-Planked Boats and The Strip-Built Sea Kayak, and his efforts have guided thousands of people through building their own boats using the popular strip-planked method.
The Mystic River 17’ tandem canoe is a wonderful example of a classic woodstrip canoe with graceful lines and a beautiful recurved stem. Before you know it, we will start sanding the hull and deck and applying fiberglass on Wednesday.

Because I did that, I was able to do a lot of things with the 40 that I had wanted to with the 50. Bishop performed the engineering work on all of the Mystic models including the C5000, the SL700 express yacht, the C62 express cruiser and the Silverhook Mystic V-bottom raceboat built for Nigel Hook and Michael Silfverburg. The courses are run away at our premesis and are scheduled every bit weekly intensive courses.
The microBootlegger 17 is an open-cockpit tandem kayak with lines reminiscent of a 1920s mahogany runabout. The fiberglass fabric is absolutely transparent and allows the beauty of the wood to shine through. Day two focuses on building parts from patterns, including building a transom as an example. The Mystic River Tandem is designed to be a comfortable and efficient canoe to see the sights along this lovely waterway.
After fairing the insides of the hulls, carbon-Kevlar hybrid fabric will be laid-up on the interiors. Building my aluminium boat STEALTHby PeterBaxevanis hexad 659 views unity 29 alloy boat building. Come Friday, students will start finishing up the canoe while the hull and deck of the kayak are joined together. On day four, different planking techniques will be reviewed, with a focus on carvel planking.
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On the kayaks we will make the deck and hull, join the two together, and make the cockpit, coaming, and hatches. The class wraps up midday on Saturday with final fiberglass work and completion of details on both boats.

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