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What are the pros and cons of using PT wood in wooden boat building with respect to quality and interaction with associated materials like epoxy, paint, vanish, etc.? I hated the PT so I used Petit's Easypoxy ( one part poly) along with their primer as per Petit's directions.
A big negative of some pressure treated lumber is that it 'case hardens' and becomes more difficult to work than the same species of wood untreated. It is very heavy and shouldn't be used if weight is a concern, but lots of commerical net boats have frames and backbones of the stuff.
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Well, the HUBS is back home, and that should mean more time for me to blog and build because I have some relief from childcare .
I love the plans with little legs on them :)For any seamstresses who wants to DIY a cloth bin in the fabric of their choosing. You'll quickly become an expert at making publisher building plans for cubby shelves at Lost Art Press cabinet, complete with a trash bag holder. Them out and am delighted constant lateral pressure of a bandsaw compared difficult routing.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Should one equate a piece of PT wood as equivalent to an untreated piece of the same specie or not?
All the structural members, most of which touch the ground I built with PT lumber while the decks and remainder were clear finished Cedar.
It was used for framing in chop covered plywood hulls that stayed in the water and also had hundreds of yards of gill nets that stayed wet also in them day after day. But dark surfaces-spotted that are commonly exposed to rain sole overhead railway dash involve maintenance solidity at the age to Vanessa Bell Holocene of sustenance group more or less other composite decking choice in front of timber planks. This is perfect for my sewing room and those infernal little pet shop toys that keep multiplying in our house!! We are just finishing building our house and I can't wait to have all the tools set up in the garage so I can start building some of these great things myself! It will give you more opportunity in relation to grain, avoiding knots and grain run out from knots etc. Some parts are a bit sun faded, which I would expect but not a blister, crack or any checking.

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Some will even bend itself before you use it and there is always somewhere in a boat where bent wood works.
I know many people will say no but if you had to use SYP for framing, chances are you would get nearly the same wood as what is used for PT, at least the larger sizes of 2x stock.
It is probably totally different where you are at and it really depends what you are building.

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