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This is not even a static structure, like a building,where you would expect the steel to carry the load, and wood to cover it up. Here, i guess, the wood frames are load bearing, and the steel is providing additional strength and stiffness near the keel area. What happens when the entire hull flexes,when temparatures go high and low, when humidity changes,or after a million time of cyclic loads.
When she is hauled out for bottom work and then put back in all the planking seams move a bit. Location: Port Orchard, Washington, USA You need to get a good book on how ship structures work and the loads that they are subjected to. Location: warragul,australia The moisture content of the wood, in the contact area between the steel and the wood will always create a problem wheather internally or externally. Composite ships, Iron frames with wooden planking were used a lot before ships moved to metal plating. Originally Posted by la cage The moisture content of the wood, in the contact area between the steel and the wood will always create a problem wheather internally or externally. Although modern bedding sealants have significantly diminished this problem and in this application they would stop all problems WRT trapped moisture.
By the way your construction technique is certainly novel and a discussion of it is worthy of a new thread.
Location: ohio, USA surprisingly steel and many hardwoods have vary similar expansion properties. I would have a concern with the quality of stainless used as the stainless would be subject to crevice crack corrosion between the wood and the stainless in the presence of standing water. Location: Thailand Looking at the pictures - it appears that the metal frames are only there to provide the correct bend to the laminated wood frame during the lamination process. Originally Posted by MMNet SEA Looking at the pictures - it appears that the metal frames are only there to provide the correct bend to the laminated wood frame during the lamination process. Location: Thailand unfortunately the picture's scale gave me the impression that the distance between the top and bottom of the ring frames would be inadequate for internal cabins etc. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
We have decades of experience in the successful execution of the most exacting work in building, restoration and repair.
Our customers know we are consistently able to maintain the integrity of a yachta€™s design and still execute the most demanding work with economy, skill and dispatch. We have been guided from the very start by the idea that working with the timeless art of classic wooden boats is a privilege.

To craft a classic anew, we draw on our own inventory of selected designera€™s original plans as well the incomparable archival collections elsewhere. When such plans dona€™t exist, we have an exemplary record of successfully lifting and interpreting lines from existing boats -- some safeguarded by our countrya€™s marine museums.
The work of yacht restoration and repair can require at least a dozen disciplines: the art and craft of shipwrights, carpenters, joiners, sailmakers, cabinetmakers, painters, riggers and metal workers as well as of naval architects, interior designers, local and national historians and engineers. In every case -- whether restoration or repair -- we have the answer or can find it because our team shares a vision and has the craft and the resources to bring each boat to life.
Whether a boat is new to us or an old friend, every boat in our care is examined each fall for any problems that may have arisen.
We have in house and for immediate use over 60,000 board feet of seasoned, sustainably-harvested lumber suitable for yacht building and repair.
We have on hand an extensive collection of vintage Merryman Brothers, Wilcox Crittenden and Perko marine hardware.
Wooden Boatworks operates two marine railways and has a third under construction at our base in Hanffa€™s Boatyard, one of Long Islanda€™s oldest boat-building sites deep in Greenporta€™s Stirling Harbor. A vanishing treasure, a marine railway remains essential to the proper care, repair and restoration of any classic wooden yacht.
Our outside, shoal-draft railway -- ideal for smaller boats -- accommodates a 4a€™ draft, 50a€™ LOA and a 12a€™ beam and weights to 20 tons. A fleet of distinguished classic yachts -- including Banzai, Caper, Clio, Dolphin, Nautilus and Tartan -- winter in-water with us each year.
Sequestered from dust and debris, the shed allows us to finish and refinish to the highest possible standard. Our old steam box looked like it had been built to last one year but got used for ten, and it didn't have the capacity we needed for Silent Maid's inch and three quarter square frames, so we decided to replace it.
We started bending frames in the middle of the boat thinking the curvature would be moderate there. Framing is nearly complete but the better part of a week will get spent tweaking things and getting paint on the surfaces that will be inaccessible later. The steel mesh that I use with a variety of materials has not been a problem, because the steel is incased in a closed cell foam before fibreglassing. And that sailing such a masterpiece is the only right expression of that joy -- one no sailor should miss.
We take their lines by traditional means or by laser, lay down the lines and meticulously build a new boat as elegant and timeless as any of her classic sisters. Or a special piece of wood, with just the shape to carve a knee or with a perfect grain for a cockpit coaming is required.

Our resources include: Port Orford cedar, Alaskan yellow cedar, Atlantic white cedar, wild black cherry, white oak, locust, long leaf yellow pine, teak, greenheart, brownheart, purpleheart and mahogany. Many pieces are new old-stock and the inventory includes gooseneck fittings of all sizes, track, cleats, chocks, bronze blocks, wood blocks and mastbands as well as bronze bolts and screws etc.
On a railway, the yacht glides in or out of the water, her weight distributed evenly along the length of her keel in exactly the way she was originally built. We crane-haul masts to 70a€™ and have custom-built, weatherproof spar racks for sticks up to that length. Ribbands are temporary, just to bend the frames around, so the wood is rough and they are located to provide a good form for the frames and in a way that makes bending the ribbands themselves as easy as possible. Every phase of building the boat has this small space to catch ones breath.The big push of framing is over and the loose ends are being attended to. With a plan, we then do what is necessary over the off-season to ensure her a safe and long life. The new railway is rated at 300 tons, 100a€™ LOA and a 10a€™ draft; it will be completed in 2012. We protect the spars by directly overseeing their removal, storage and installation, including labeling and tagging every element of the running and standing rigging. The wood grain was good and we tried several clamping arrangements but it appears the frames are too heavy for the bend and most will have to be kerfed. The next big job is already started, making floor timbers, but that is probably worth another page. Real building doesn't go in a linear way, jobs overlap and sometimes efficient use of manpower causes things to happen out of order. When frames break it is important to remember this is a rudimentary physics problem and no reason to panic, get noisy, or otherwise ruin the afternoon.
A boat of any size built by more than two persons jumps around like the plot of a novel rather than like a train going along the tracks from beginning to end. Steam bending frames is a great team sport requiring good organization as well as the ability to think on one's feet.

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