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Many of our guests book events with Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen to commemorate special milestones… birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.
Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company or a small firm, they rely on Paradise Charter Cruises and the Minneapolis Queen to provide an elegant, private and exciting affair for employees and clients.
While special occasions are important in of themselves, their significance is underscored when placed in the setting of a luxury vessel in the midst of majestic scenery. Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen offer sumptuous cuisine and beautiful cabin appointments, gracious service and event coordination – an unbeatable combination for any successful event.
The Sanibel & Captiva flats was where Mike Haas of greater Minneapolis wanted his 3 sons to have their own charter. Spent the morning fishing on the Sanibel & Captiva flats with my good friend Ted Murray of Webster MA and his longtime friend Ronnie Vitro of New Rochelle NY.
We can offer you or you group private charters to not only numerous Door County sights and ports but also to other ports, islands, lighthouses or even across the Bay or Lake itself. This once bustling industrial community manufactured charcoal pig iron between 1867 and 1891.
Bring an overnight bag and enjoy a 2 to 3 hour ride up the middle of Green Bay to Escanaba and its beautiful waterfront parks.
We can take you to any and all lighthouses in Door County or a combination of the ones you want to see. Option 2: Pick a location or route and we will advertise the trip on our Facebook page and at our Kiosk to get more people to share the cost. Fishing area lakes, Winnie  Leech and Red lake with over a decade of professional experience.
While these occasions are important in of themselves, their significance is underscored when placed in the setting of a luxury vessel in the midst of majestic scenery.
With the water warming up and clearing up from the dumping of Lake O, the spring action is finally heating up. I fractured my femur of the hip I had replaced last fall requiring surgery to replace the hip implant and wire up the break. The weather and tides were perfect so we brought them each out for a half  day the past two days.

Snook, redfish, trout, or anything that swims was our target.  We started out with ladyfish just to get warmed up.
For something different, see our Facebook Page for Last Minute Custom ToursJump Aboard at a Great Price! Along the way you will see multi-million dollar homes on the bluffs and as we cruise along the State Park's natural coastline you will be amazed at the size of the large caves in the towering limestone cliffs.
The town had a foundry with blast furnaces, hotel, school house, shops, and numerous residences. There are numerous hotels available including the historic Hotel Ludington and restaurant, which is in the National Register of Historic Places and within walking distance.
Included is Rock Island, Wisconsin's northernmost Island in Lake Michigan, home to the Pottawatomie Lighthouse the oldest Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.
We can also combine other nearby lighthouses in Upper Michigan or farther down and across the Bay of Green Bay.
If between you and us we get enough people to make the trip affordable for everyone then the trip is a go.
The bite is on for all the species including snook, redfish, big trout along with a few tarpon being seen and hooked. Continuing on to the Lighthouse enjoy views of the Strawberry Islands, Chambers Island and Fish Creek in the distance. Sailing schooners were in and out of this beautiful harbor transporting goods and passengers and departing with their holds full of pig iron for ports all over Lake Michigan.
If you want some late night action the Island Resort and Casino will pick you up right at the dock in their van and take you to their hotel and casino for the night and bring you back the next morning. These lighthouses are spread over a large geographical distance and are on both sides of the Peninsula. If we do not, there is no charge to you for trying.All cruises are subject to weather especially the all day cruises to Upper Michigan. White bait is showing up in the bays and around the bridges once again and fly fishermen are have very good success also in Pine Island Sound, Matlacha, and the mangrove shorelines of Sanibel.
I did see a tarpon bust something on the surface, the 4th one I’ve seen in the last 2 weeks.

On clear days you will see why the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was so important with views to Sturgeon Bay to the south and to Deaths Door at the tip of the Peninsula to the north.
Now all that remains is a ghost town with many of the buildings restored so you can step back in time as you take a walking tour through this historic village.
If you prefer to stay in town there are numerous restaurants, shops, and bars within walking distance. We will only run those cruises during periods of good weather.We have several routes to suggest including a cruise up the rugged West Side of Washington Island seeing the towering cliffs at Dennys Bluff and Boyers Bluff, site of the highest Light on Lake Michigan.
Recovery going extremely well, however I’ll not be able to get on the boat for another 2 months- about beginning of October. This would include most of our Lighthouse and Islands Cruise route with the addition of going around Chambers Island to see the lighthouse there. We are very familiar with the lodging and dining facilities in Escanaba and can assist you in determining what is best for you or your group.
You will learn about the legend of the Poverty Island gold and pass by the sites of numerous shipwrecks that we will discuss.
Continuing into Washington Harbor you will see the site of the historic shipwreck Louisiana which sank in the great storm of 1913 and beautiful Schoolhouse Beach with views of Saint Martin island, Michigan and Rock island. This trip leaves from Sister Bay and Gills Rock mid-afternoon and departs from Escanaba the next morning at 10 AM (EST) (9 AM CST). Other private charters can continue on to the Saint Martin and Poverty island Lighthouses in Upper Michigan. He caught ladyfish for an hour straight, so we shifted gears and went to the mangroves to try for a snook. Something big, we think a bull shark, took the bait and we were on for 5 minuets only to get wrapped on a submerged snag and cut off.

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