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There are many great uncertainties ahead, but simultaneously people around the world can learn from their shared experiences. Sustainability is a positive societal value resulting from the complex interaction between your individual actions and the dynamic, interdependent environment in which you operate. A thinking whereby we see ourselves as part of a greater whole, and where we actively pursue a global good.
This means that we explore both short-term and long-term consequences of your decisions, the intrinsic role you play within your environment and how this interaction affects the future direction of our society. What makes us unique?

The strength of SusPlain is our ability to evaluate and explain the complex interaction between your individual choices and the consequences for society in pragmatic visions about the future.
We use the latest science on innovation, sustainability, uncertainty and strategic decision making and combine these four areas to provide concrete and practical advice.
We have worked and lived in 4 different continents and understand the different cultural and mental models that drive sustainability in a global context. We provide a fresh and unorthodox perspective and are unconstrained by any previous paradigms.

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