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Before you make plans to repair a hole, you will want to check the integrity of the fabric. Besides the boat cover repair fabric, you will need the largest thread your sewing machine can handle for this kind of boat cover repair. Another boat cover repair product on the market that works well as an adhesive patch is sail repair tape, and is available in most marine supply stores. Tent Pole tear repairIf your boat cover tent pole is the type that sticks through a grommet and your pole has ripped out the grommet, as long as it is a clean protrusion you may be able to repair it on your own using a tent pole vent called a Boat Vent IIA®.
Tent Pole Through GrommettThese types of vents require a silver dollar size hole be cut into your cover.
Mildew RemovalThe best way to prevent mildew is to keep the dirt from building up on your cover.The mildew grows on the dirt trapped in the weave of the fabric.
A Christian based children's home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. I got a chance to install these yesterday and just thought I'd get back to you to let you know that they worked perfectly for me. We just installed the zipper we received on our sea ray boat canvas- what an incredibly easy experience!
Attwood 105565 Boat Cover Repair KitRepair that cover before the tear gets bigger.Use to repair and reinforce all kinds of canvas and army duck. Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know the Garmin Fishfinder 160C worked fine! Thanks Derek(read more) By Derek GeddingsThanksTodd, thanks for helping me figure out exactly what I needed earlier this spring. And yes Eternabond® comes to the rescue in patching my boat cover that had mice eaten holes in from storage! Thought I would share a simple and easy Canoe rack design that you to can build on a shoestring budget with a few materials laying around your garage. Made 2 of these brackets one fixed the other on hinges to be able to put a canoe up by myself. Most boats have the standard jaw slide, nothing to unusual about that, but look at the other two. Attwood Boat Cover Repair Kits are used to repair and reinforce all kinds of canvas and army duck. Nylon ShimsThese 9A° Shims are for adjusting the angle beneath deck hinges, and correcting sloped angles on fiberglass mounting surfaces. Tip a€“ if your rope disintegrates, buy a 50a€™ fishy tap from Amazon and feed it into the hem, tie the new rope on and fish it through.
Share a photo of your new cheap boat cover, show other boaters how it fits and what you like and don't like about it.
Are you thinking of buying a boat bow cover online or having one built for you at a custom canvas shop?
If you able to find a boat bow cover from one of the bigger boat canvas manufacturers online, I'll explain what you can expect.

If the webbing is polypropylene, it will degrade fairly quickly, even underneath the cover. If you already have snaps in your boat it may be very difficult for your new cover to reach the old snaps, requiring new boat snaps be added in odd places. Installing a store bought bow cover can be done by someone with a medium skill level and a basic knowledge of tools and boat construction. If you do choose to install it yourself, see our page about boat cover snaps for help and tool tips. By checking out our custom boat cover tip page as a resource and a€?make surea€? you get the quality you are looking for. The isinglass had shrunk to the point that installing it was an all-morning job, with some snaps totally unusable due to the material shrinkage.
Tammy has become a valuable resource to my BoatButler business, and she has actually created sort of a "cult" following among my customers.
With your zippers in place we could button up all of the canvas and make a very nice weather tight space which made our boating season very enjoyable.
I will be sharing your zipper solution with other boating friends and will be sure to mention the excellent customer service too.
Read on to learn more about boat cover restoration, and save money (or potentially save your cover, rather than replacing the cover altogether!). Give your fabric the tug test, take hold of the fabric in both hands and see if it tears.If it does, then your money is better spent towards a new cover. So keeping your cover clean is your best defense.A question I get asked frequently is, "Can I put SunbrellaA® in the washing machine?" and "Can I pressure wash SunbrellaA®?"The best way to handle your fabric for cleaning is by laying it flat on a driveway, dock or grass and use a soft bristle long handle scrub brush.
Keeping your canvas boat cover free of dirt to start with is your best defense against mold and mildew, and will help you prolong the life of your boat canvas, which really does keep money in your pocket. Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time. With the swiveling ball and socket you can move your bimini in ways that other fittings won't allow.
You will most likely be getting nylon or polypropylene which may need replacing at some point.
You can also check out our custom boat cover tip page for decision making questions to ask a custom canvas shop. I really was preparing to purchase a complete new canvas set, but hated to spend the money-especially since the canvas is still in excellent shape. When they're held by a person that truly cares about her customers, brings honesty, creativity and passion to her work, you have just described Tammy Hampton. I have been in to two local shops for estimates on a new canvas enclosure for my little boat.
Tear-AidA® is flexible cut to size patch with a single sided aggressive adhesive that will stick to a variety of fabrics.The patches come in Type A for all fabrics including SunbrellaA®, and Type B for vinyls.
Give your boat covers the tug test every year without fail, to check the integrity of your thread.

Better known as "The Cover Girl," Tammy has been both a friend, mentor and business partner for nearly twenty years.
Both commented that they were happy to have a customer who knew what he wanted and was familiar with the material and options available. I am the past commodore of a Boat Club up here in the great lakes region and have many boating friends. If you can do it yourself then go for it.Here is what a basic boat cover repair kit would look like.
You just clean the fabric according to their instructions and stick the patch on both sides of the fabric, rub and you're done, instant boat cover repair! If you will do this faithfully, you may save yourself from costly repairs after a storm goes through your marina. Screw it back together and insert the pole into the female receiver cup.The bonus of using the vent is that the hot air build-up under the cover escapes through the vent.
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. I am sure that once I show them how great your product works you will be getting more orders.
In my opinion, nearly all boat covers should have this type of boat vent installed.Keep in mind that there does need to be a reinforcement patch in place before you install this type of vent.
She has yet to meet a challenge for which she could not find a creative and effective solution. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with customers on this subject and have been told many times that a€?my thread was finea€?.If you've gotten to the point where your thread is gone, you'll be looking for a shop to re-stitch your cover.
Use 1 cup to 1 gallon of water along with some detergent.Clorox is very tough on the threads, unless your threads are PTEFA® lifetime threads. Just a couple of things to keep in mind concerning thread: Ask the shop owner what kind of thread they use? Using CloroxA® will absolutely shorten the life of your polyester threads, but the truth is sometimes the really tough mildew won't come out without it. Do not use Nylon thread on boat covers, use the heaviest outdoor polyester thread your machine can sew with.
Some fabricators carry PTEFA® thread which are lifetime threads, but since they are very expensive you may not find them everywhere.A 138 polyester thread should last 3 years in the most difficult tropical climates, 5 years in the south and more in the north.
Just ask yourself if your thread will outlast your cover to determine if you should add the expense of re-stitching with PTEFA® thread.We now sell black and white thread in two sizes!

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