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In a case that could set a precedent for drunk drivers on land and water, the Ontario Crown is attempting to seize the boat of Valentin Chygyrynskyy, though he has not been convicted of impaired driving in the case. The Kittiwake, a 25-foot sailboat, was seized by Toronto police in summer 2013 after its owner, Valentin Chygyrynskyy, was charged with impaired driving.
Last summer, police pulled a man from the Toronto harbour, apparently drunk and soaked to the bone. Chygyrynskyy has yet to be convicted for impaired driving in the case, but the seizure of his boat is going ahead regardless.
The Ontario Civil Remedies Act is a Robin Hood law conceived as a way to take property from criminals and give the proceeds from its sale to victims.
This summer, an Oshawa couple had a portion of the value of their house seized even though drug possession charges against them were dropped. Critics point out that because it’s easier to prove a case in civil court than in criminal court, the forfeiture process has become a parallel justice system for weak cases. While many of the targets of civil asset forfeiture may not be sympathetic characters, Krane says seizing their property without a conviction is in tension with the principles behind the presumption of innocence, including proof beyond reasonable doubt.
Last month, Superior Court Justice David Corbett appointed a lawyer to research civil forfeiture and counter the Attorney General’s argument for seizing the boat.
Corbett cautioned the lawyers representing the Ontario Attorney General’s office about the implications of going after a boat for an incident in which no one was hurt. In August 2013, Chygyrynskyy, 61, was swimming in the inner harbour and arrested after he took a breathalyzer test, blowing almost double the legal limit, said Det.
The Star was unable to reach Chygyrynskyy, who has no legal representative in the forfeiture case, for comment Wednesday evening.
Court records show that he has been charged with impaired or dangerous driving on at least five occasions in the past seven years, not including last summer’s boating incident. King, who has been working on asset forfeiture with the Toronto police for more than six years, says seizing property is a very effective deterrent in a system where criminal charges are often dropped on technicalities or because of a limited budget to prosecute cases. Unlike the situation in the United States, where billions of dollars of property are seized every year by police forces that get to keep the proceeds, civil forfeiture in Ontario is relatively rare and the proceeds go into general provincial coffers.
Since 2003, the Ontario government has seized $44.6 million in property, including 18 vehicles, using the Civil Remedies Act.
This is always a superb opportunity for photography, but I have to admit that the wilting heat (97 degrees) and humidity and gnats definitely put a damper on my efforts. But one thing that made it worth coming out into the heat was Vince and Lonnie's jambalaya, which they had started cooking early in the morning and were serving to all visitors. This evening thunderstorms circled the fairgrounds and lit up the sky for hours without giving us any rain.
Wandering around the vintage area late this evening, I found a group of people watching "RV" on an outside screen, and the group below yakking it up about the events of the day.
It is hard to see how people are managing to thrive in this climate without air conditioning, but some are, including our very durable friends the Fabers. Last night several of us guys were talking until nearly 11:30 under the awning at Colin's, swatting at gnats and constantly sipping at cold drinks. This year about two dozen trailers and motorhomes are on display, but unfortunately they are parked outside in the relentless heat and humidity.
The President and the Chairman of Airstream were both there, completely available to anyone who wanted to talk, so it was a superb opportunity for anyone interested in the product to get a personal tour.
As I reported from the dealer meeting a few weeks ago, the trend in trailers is smaller and lighter.
In yesterday's blog I mentioned that we'd been invited by the Dixie Campers to join them for dinner, but I mistakenly said Saturday night instead of Friday night. Alas, the gnats came after us in wave after wave, and for some reason they were less intimidated by the bug spray today than they were last night. During today's speeches from the Airstream head honchos, a company called "Tom's Shoes" was introduced. Tom's first "shoe drop" donated 10,000 shoes in Argentina, and Blake says they will donate 50,000 shoes this year. We even managed to score an invitation to dinner with the Dixie Campers for Saturday night.
Today was our last chance for a roadtrip to Atlanta, so we hopped in the Fit and headed north. We also took in the World of Coca-Cola, which is now located in a much larger building (since May 2007) and also costs a lot more. Last night we went out to try to capture some views of the trailers under the moonlight and sodium lamps. But if this all sounds lofty and prestigious, rest assured I experience the same humble moments as our hundreds of aluminum-clad neighbors.

Brett and I had lunch with a very interesting group: Fred and Renee (representing the club's Communications Liaison), Leo Garvey (representing the "Save Wally" organization), and Paul Waddell (the president of our home unit, Washington DC). Whlie at the Vintage happy hour today I got a call from some friends we met in Idaho last summer.
It looks like a delapidated drive-in restaurant (which it is), and the neighborhood isn't great, but the food is legendary. Tonight Fincher's was serving only take-out, so we loaded up with two pounds of barbecue, some cole slaw, and Brunswick stew (a local variation on barbecue).
We've been researching things to do in the central Georgia area since my blog of last night.
Funny coincidence, since I got Denese's email about an hour after we had spent most of the day at exactly that place, with Fred and Renee.
The exhibits include five buildings full of aircraft (including a SR-71 and B-1B bomber), several acres of aircraft outdoors, a theater, and exhibits on the Flying Tigers, Art of Flight, WW II, Korean War, General Robert Lee Scott, Jr.
We stopped off for lunch at an "all you can eat pizza buffet", a sort of restaurant I've never encountered before. Back at the rally grounds, not much seems to happen in the searing heat, but once the sun begins to set, people appear in groups near the Airstreams for the evening happy hours.
I have to assume with all the new people reading this blog that many of you don't know how this particular event works. A commercial rally would hire professionals to do most of the tasks, including the mammoth job of setting up facilities for 1,000 or more trailers and their occupants (water, sewer, electricity, parking, food, etc). So even though Brett and I arrived on Friday June 22, which is five days before the official opening date, we are relative latecomers.
After exploring the grounds -- which are very nice when the wind is blowing and the gnats are discouraged -- we took the Fit into town and checked out Perry's two-block "restored Colonial downtown". For a small town Perry seems to be very into tourism, and so there are a disproportionate number of motels, chain restaurants, and traveler's services compared to the apparent population. I have never come this early to an International Rally before, so for me this is an odd experience. I interviewed a few briefly to see, and generally they say that they come to help set up and that they like being among all their friends for a few weeks.
For the people here, coming early is not a boring obligation but the central focus of the event.
Once we had the car, I followed Brett's big twinkie of a motorhome up I-75 all the way to Perry.
If you haven't checked the blog's companion Flickr album lately, you'll find lots of new photos uploaded in the past few weeks. The reason for going against preference and flying is the annual WBCCI International Rally -- the big Airstream event. Just having completed that massive drive from Las Vegas to Vermont, I don't feel like a whole lot of driving for a while, and (strangely enough) Eleanor and Emma preferred to stay in the cool weather of Vermont visiting family rather than sitting in a reportedly sugar-ant-infested fairground in Georgia. Our stay in De Tour, MI with the good doctor and his wife was extended out of sheer laziness. So it was Sunday morning before we finally swatted away the mosquitoes, hitched up, and headed north to Canada.
Along the eastern end of Rt 17, north of New York state, the scenery turns more to exposed granite outcrops and tall trees, so it starts to feel a bit like the Adirondacks.
US Customs are always unpredictable, but with a few simple preparations you shouldn't have any trouble getting across the border with a trailer.
In New York we stopped in at GSM Vehicles, where Colin Hyde and Suzanne Brown are leading the team that is building Matthew McConaughey's custom Airstream. Colin and Suzanne invited us to their house for courtesy parking, so we delayed our arrival in Vermont by one day and spent the evening in their driveway, near their 30-foot 1950s Airstream Sovereign. And now, after a short trip across Lake Champlain on the ferry, here we are, parked under the cedar trees in Vermont. Our hosts took us out for dinner up by Raber Bay, at one of the few restaurants in the area. Back at the cabin Eleanor made crepes with fresh berries and cream for all of us, and by about 10 p.m. By the way, pasty rhymes with "nasty", not "tasty", which is really unfair since these things are just terrific.
All along the northern shore of the UP you can find pasty shops, and this inspired the idea of a "pasty tour".
Last night's stop: Straits State Park within sight of the "Mighty Mac" (the Mackinac Bridge). Pipestone is one of those lesser-known national park sites that you have to detour off the highway to visit, and thus is not heavily visited.

Last night we passed up a couple of truck stops in hopes of a quieter spot, and ended up at Amnicon Falls State Park in northern Wisconsin east of Duluth.
So there we were, trying to back a 53-foot rig into a space only about 12 feet wide from a single-lane road with a 90-degree bend, a steep ditch to one side, and batteries failing in one of Eleanor's two flashlights. We are posting this from a roadside stop east of Ironwood Michigan, somewhere near Lake Superior. We've been starting as early as possible to get from place to place, but these western states are huge and it takes all day to cover just one of them. Scottsbluff, by the way, is an underappreciated national monument in a quiet part of Nebraska. By the time we were ready to move again, it was so late in the afternoon that we could drive only a relatively short distance, to Custer State Park in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota. We are cruising right along, unfortunately at the speed of the average American vacation: 65 MPH. Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River that straddles the border between Utah and Arizona.
A Lake Powell accident on Thursday has divers desperate to find two missing women, both in their 20s, who were thrown overboard after a motorboat collided with a houseboat.
UPI reports that on Thursday, a motorboat carrying 13 passengers - six adults and seven children -- crashed into a houseboat, sending some of the passengers overboard into the drink. Witnesses reported the crash, which happened in a narrow channel of water about 200 yards wide, to Kane County Sheriff's Sgt. According to AP, the victim of the Lake Powell accident was a 57-year-old woman from South Jordan, Utah. The Salt Lake Tribune later identified the two missing women as 22-year-old Jessica Jackman, the daughter of Marilyn and Adrian Jackman, and 29-year-old Valerie Rae Bradshaw.
Scientists Demonstrate Three-Way Quantum Communication: What's Faster Than The Speed Of Light? Authorities said the female victim, Melissa Chambers Britt, 32, of Oak Ridge, was ejected into Swearing Creek, a part of High Rock Lake.
Officials said Melissa Britt's brother, Michael Chambers, suffered critical head injuries but is expected to recover. Officials said the driver of the speed boat will have to wait until next week to hear from the Davidson County district attorney about possible criminal charges. Neighbors said they now worry for their own safety as more boaters are expected to be on the lake this Memorial Day weekend.
Valentin Chygyrynskyy had allegedly steered his sailboat into another vessel parked along the harbour’s west wall and was tossed into the drink. In Orillia, a landlord who rented rooms to homeless people could lose his property because the province contends that tenants paid rent with money made selling drugs.
He was convicted once, had charges withdrawn once, and has two ongoing cases; in April this year, he was again charged with impaired driving and pleaded guilty.
On Thursday, a Lake Powell accident, which left one mother dead, sent divers into rescue mode as they comb the deep waters for two missing women. The traffic Utah boat crash killed one woman, a mother, and the wife of the man steering the boat. Her name was Marilyn Jackman, and she was the wife of the boat's driver, 59-year-old Adrian Jackman.
A dive team worked through the afternoon and into the evening Thursday, looking for the two women, both in their 20s. In 2011, another boating excursion turned deadly when one teen was thrown from a boat and suffered fatal injuries. He was listed in serious condition at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center on Monday afternoon. Authorities said there is no indication of alcohol being a factor, but speed may have played a role in the accident. Most of the people on the boat were family members, including the 11-year-old granddaughter of the driver.
The lakebed reaches depths of up to 560 feet deep; its waters are 400 feet deep at the site of the Lake Powell accident. George Utah reports that teenager Matthew Parker's boat hit a rock outcropping while he and fellow boat mates were returning to camp after dark. They are relentless and numerous, especially during the heat of the day, and we haven't yet figured out how to beat them other than to hide in the motorhome.

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